5/30 @thebesociety Sept Challenge- Lost Everything #besociety #beseptchallenge


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Well My, My, My This is a really depressing topic right here!  As most of you know I am writing these ahead of time and I just have pulled myself out of a major mood funk and with the happy cheerful place I am in I don’t know how to really take this topic lol. I mean a simple answer would be “cry” because I am a cry baby and that does sound like a logical answer to me!

however, exactly what is everything? did i loose EVERYTHING EVERYTHING -as in people /my house/ my processions? because in that case I would probably just honestly not have any reason to go on with my life .. ya’ll know I fight a lot of depression issues so.. that probably would be something that pushes me over the edge.  I think that whatever caused me to loose everything would play a part as well.

I promise I am not taking this as a freebie post but I don’t like the nature of it all that well so I am just going to leave it at that simple answer! I always try to tell myself when I write these ” It doesn’t have to be a book, Nichole” lol.