6/30 @thebesociety Sept Challenge- One Year To Live #besociety #beseptchallenge


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Alright who in the world came up with 2 depressing topics in a row?  I blame you Fiona – lol Just messing, I promise. Fiona is the gal that comes up with our writing challenges every month for BE Society and I love her to bits for taking on that responsibility!

That doesn’t change that we have 2 what I consider pretty depressing topics  in a row s0.. let’s see if I can lighten this one up a bit compared to the one from yesterday! I guess if i  only had one year to live I would be partying it up big time!  I don’t know exactly what that would entail , mind you with still having bills that had to be paid like rent and such and knowing that David would have to be here with out me (as well as the rest of my family) but I could possibly let a few of the credit cards that are in my name “go” after maxing them out or something and just spend that money for that minimum payment on fun things?

In all honesty I would live it up and spend lots of time with my family because I hate when people act like people who are dying need to rest all the time. Really what are they resting for? I mean if you are able to get up and be out and about – do it!

I haven’t looked ahead yet but boy I hope tomorrows topic is a fun one!