Veracity Blogathon Day 20: computers

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Post a picture of your computer(s). When did you purchase it? What do you like and dislike about it?


My Laptop is an HP Dv4 and I LOVE it. It is white, and everyone knows i’m a sucker for white electronics. I bought it last May and I can’t even remember all of it’s specs.. I think it’s a 4gb with a 320 harddrive though lol. I know it has an odd screen size: 14:1 I think but it’s seriously not too small or too big. It has a nice webcam and card reader. There’s nothing I don’t like about it!






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My netbook I just bought a little over a month ago. It is an Hp Mini and it’s pink plaid and I LOVE It too! It really helps about getting things done while david is on the reg. laptop. The webcam sucks about video making, and there’s alot of feedback on skype if I don’t use my headphones.. other than that no complaints with it. Oh except darn you windows 7 starter I can’t change the desktop theme!

I didn’t per se buy this netbook by any means. We had bestbuy’s buyback plan on on our sprint evo was when they first started doing that when we got the Evo..and it was free.

Anyways, after it broke and we got it fixed I turned it into bestbuy and got a 300 buck giftcard..and voila! that’s what I got with it 🙂