Veracity Blogathon Day #31: Memories

What is one of your favorite memories that invokes your friends or family? Why is it one of your favorite? This one is totally throwing me for a loop! I don't really want to write about what really comes to mind because..well.. i'm not really in the mood to really GO THERE I suppose, because of people that the memories involve and stuff. I suppose some of my favorite memories as far as family, are memories of spening my summers with my grandparents when I was younger. Those memories are so sweet of getting to go yardsaling and shopping and such with my g-ma and great g-ma. I am so thankful I got those opportunities! … [Read more...]

Veracity Blogathon day #30: Layouts

What is one of your favorite layouts you have used on your current blog site? Or one you used on a past site. Why is it your favorite? Can be made by you or a premade. I didn't make it of course! I used this layout last fall, and I adored it..except wordpress stats wouldn't work with it! I know WP stats might not be the best thing to use, but it is what I am used to! It just fit the fall season/autumn-rain theme so well :) I might have to use it again. I was lucky I had a screenshot because I had just changed layouts when I reviewed the Snapit software! … [Read more...]

Veracity Blogathon Day #29: Favorite Picture

What is your favorite picture that you have taken? Why? If you're not much into taking photos what is one of your favorite photos that someone else has taken? Why? I have a few favorites: in no particular order here they are. taken at linville falls, north carolina in april 2010 and was actually taken with a motorola cliq phone taken in October 2009 in my mom's neighborhood. I got the cops called on me while taking these pics *oh the memories* I will add a few more pics to this thread in a few..i'm having to dig through flickr. I know of at least 2 more i'd like to include Nichol@7:20 p.m … [Read more...]

veracity blogathon day 28: Favorite Toy

What was your favorite toy as a child? MY favorite toy as a child was a doll named crystal! I named her after Crystal Gayle the singer..ok so yeah crystal gayle the singer has loooong hair and she is bald ... I named her crystal after I saw crystal gayle and gary morris sing on Another world *(soap opera) (they sung the theme song for the show, and apparently were on the show to premire it or whatnot!) My grandma had this basket of dolls for YEARS before there was ever ME ..and apparently I fell in love with her and my grandma gave her to me. :) … [Read more...]

Veracity Blogathon day 27 : Free Spirt or Stick to it (recipe)

When it comes to cooking are you a free spirit or do you stick to the recipe? Do you follow recipes down to the exact measurement or do you guesstimate and and experiment? Why or why not? I don't really stick to recipes... i'm more the free spirit! I usually adapt recipes like for example the soup that i call THE SOUP ..I make it more of a tomato base and my mom's is more of chicken broth base! I also put more pasta in it than the recipe calls for. go figure! I think with basil chicken I do it totally different as well! I pre do the chicken and cook the rice separate too. def, a free spirit here! … [Read more...]

veracity blogathon day #26: residence

Describe your current place of residence. What do you like and dislike about it? Do you live alone or with someone else? How long do you see you staying at your current residence? Ok, so I just wrote about my apartment a few days ago for the blogathon for My Dream home, (plus not long a go before that, and extra plus I was intending to eventually do a picture/video tour..)So I don't think i'll bore you with rewriting it all over again! I just want to say one extra tidbit: I can't wait till cooler weather when I can open my upstairs windows at night!! that will be awesome..+ during the day too :) I just enjoy cool air the most when trying to go to sleep! I live with my hubs, david and my cat sam. I plan to be here pretty much permanently. I don't think we'll ever have a house of our own..and I like this area /apartment..soooo yeah :) … [Read more...]