veracity blogathon day #26: residence

Describe your current place of residence. What do you like and dislike about it? Do you live alone or with someone else? How long do you see you staying at your current residence?

Ok, so I just wrote about my apartment a few days ago for the blogathon for My Dream home, (plus not long a go before that, and extra plus I was intending to eventually do a picture/video tour..)So I don’t think i’ll bore you with rewriting it all over again! I just want to say one extra tidbit: I can’t wait till cooler weather when I can open my upstairs windows at night!! that will be awesome..+ during the day too 🙂 I just enjoy cool air the most when trying to go to sleep!

I live with my hubs, david and my cat sam. I plan to be here pretty much permanently. I don’t think we’ll ever have a house of our own..and I like this area /apartment..soooo yeah 🙂