Veracity Blogathon Day #23: Love Story

If you’re currently in a relationship how long have you been dating/married/etc? How did you meet? If you’re not what is your ideal relationship like and what do you look for in a s/o?

I met David on January 10 2007 at The Salvation Army family store. I had just started working there a few days before him. We went out on a “date” probably within 2 days of meeting(mall after work) and then went on a real date at the end of that week on friday since we both had that day off …we went to a movie and dinner..and then drinking.. ha ha

We got engaged on Feb 12 2007, and Married on June 17 2007 which made our whole getting to know eachother/dating/engaged total a whopping 5 months and 1 week! ha ha.

So seeing as how we got married june 17 2007 we have now been married 4 years and 6 days! Whee!! 🙂