Veracity Day #21: Childhood Career Goal

When you were younger what did you want to be wgrew you grew up? Looking at ur life now, how close are you to that job and what do yu aspire to do now career wise?

I have always wanted to be a teacher!!! When I was in elementary school my teachers would let me have their extra copies of worksheets and stuff to take home and play school with! I had an entire filing cabinet of them at one point!

As far as how close I am to being a teacher? really really really close. I had about 2 more semsters to go/student teaching and i would have had my degree. things got to expensive with me living off campus when my mom had to quit her job when she got her foot hurt though.

I had intended to get a job make money for my rent, and my dad was gonna pay my tuition, and go back the next fall, but I ended up meeting david and it never happened.

I did get a degree in medical office admin …but it’s basically just to say I have a degree because noone is hiring ..and honestly even in the teaching field you can’t hardly get a job either.

I’ll probably never finish the degree. I really would like to, just to say that I did..but I don’t see it happening 🙁