veracity day #24: subjects

What is one of your favorite and least favorite subjects in school? Why?

I was always an english/grammar person. I know that half the time around here(i think i have this wrote in my about section lol). That I don’t do it half right with the grammar, but I do try for the most part.It’s freaking online for godsake. at least i’m not writing in all caps and sticky caps and stuff you know?

I always liked reading/writing so the grammar part just came in with all of that …I always made A’s in the classes..and I have speed reading capabilities.. then.. I had teachers that always wanted to read my papers before others in seriously got my papers back alot of times the same day I turned them in.

I honestly find that my writing and reading fast capabilities
have been a gift. A book that would take most people days to read , I can have it read in a matter of hours. A paper that most people would take a semester to write, I could write the night before. I’m lucky what can I say?

The subject I am no good at, at all is MATH. omg it doesn’t matter if it’s basic math or freaking algebra.. I can’t do it. I can add a bit/subtract/multiply when it comes to division you might as well forget it. and then not even happening. that’s why god made caluclators people!
I have retaken more math classes than I care to mention.