early in the morning..

I am VERY jealous of sam right now. he's all curled up at the bottom of my bed while i'm sitting here working on various online stuff at 8:45 in the morning! I decided to try to stay up when david left, figured i'd be ready to crash around 7:30 or so. i'm generally awake and just laying in the bed, so why not do something until I was ready to go back to sleep right? wrong. I got really involved in moving my adult reviews to grits...be proud I totally moved ALL of the reviews for babeland!! Woot!! (Am stalking the Triberr, to make sure those all don't go through.. ha ha.) Then I decided to write 2 of my paid posts..and.. yeah here we are... I am really surprised my mom hasn't been over this week. I figure i'll go back to sleep and then she'll be calling like "well i was gonna come over but you never get up, blah blah" I really don't know why people don't "get" my sleeping pattern more than what they do.. I really can't stand when people say i'm "in the bed" all the time. … [Read more...]

granny’s chines..

I know that lately in my family, we have had a little bit of a drama sittuation, and it stems from some things that happened with my great grandma who died last june. I don't know why but apparently a year after someone dies is a good time to show your true colors, and maybe even help with the grieving process? I don't know, I personally don't get it! My mom's sister started a big ta-do on facebook over it, and I had to intervene and take screen shots of what different people were saying, and all that kind of thing. Honestly, it's bad enough to have drama, but to get on facebook..ugh..feels so high school! One thing that made me smile in the midst of it was seeing it wrote about my granny's "Chines" (Think Machine..without the Ma..lol) and how that she was always saying she couldn't go stay with anyone because she had to take them with her, and that was too much to drag around! I know that I wouldn't have minded helping her out with her medical equipment if she'd have wanted to … [Read more...]

summertime would be a nice time to not feel..pudgy!

Most of you all know that I used to be a little bit more ..thin than I am now! I think that since getting married i've gained right about 30ish pounds! The sad thing is It isn't that I care what the # on the scale says, but I care that it really shows up in my stomach area! It's like a horrid muffin top...ICK!! The sad thing is now that it's summer time..well i can't hide in a hoodie  and jeans. well I could. but.. that would be pretty hot! I don't even feel comfy in shorts or especially a tank to. thing that really sucks is  I still have all those tiny tiny clothes i'd like to fit back into... The summertime isn't much for exercising, especially in the heat!  Maybe I can get into doing it later in the evenings or something like that! … [Read more...]

the good old days included..golf lol

When I was young and lived in the mountains..lol .. bet you wonder where i'm going with this one right? Anyways, when i was going to appalachian, back in the good old days, my boyfriend at the time was Tim, and he was obsessed with GOLF!! I think it was our 6 month anniversary and thats what we did. went GOLFING. Ok, well he golfed  I just kinda drove the golf cart and cheered him on with what little knowledge that I  actually had of golf. I was also always on the hunt for neat golf related gifts for him..I got him hokey stuff like chocolate golf balls but I bet he would have really liked something a little bit more fancy, but lets face it I was just a college girl at the time...a poor one at that! ah. memories. :)     … [Read more...]

it’s just hot :(

UGH I freaking detest summer. i'm sure that i've mentioned that numerous times! seriously it was 105 at 10 a/m for godsake! and that was in the shade. I have spent most of today upstairs (even though it's hotter..+ we have a flat roof) laying with sam on the bed in front of the fan on HIGH!!! I also seemingly can't eat enough in the summer. generally i eat a tiny salad and make it on until dinner. today I have ate the rest of my pita, a bag (snack size) of cheetos, and..a cookie dipped drumstick icecream! and I still want more! luckily i'm making dinner right now I am trying to BREAD my hot wings and bake them..that way they get more sauce on them and such. I really hope it works out... My little cold is still lingering. thankfully it doesn't seem to be getting worse. yet. lol. if something screws me up from getting to go on the parkway this weekend i'm gonna be sad! so it best not rain, i better not be sick, etc If you havent liked autumn-rain on fb yet please do! … [Read more...]

//basic post!

*waves* hey everyone!! not alot going on with me. got the  At&t bill settled! no problems, then again I didn't think it would be ....but you never know..especially when it comes to me. I am fightin the evil cold! It just  bites...i am fighting the fever fire for sure! meh :( I actually got my tribe on triberr started today...so far I have Jenn, Keeshia and Angel!! WOOT pretty proud of it....:) anyone else want in? I have 2 spots :) My foot is all swollen today and it sucks BAAAD...I mean it's been well over a month now but.. still swells and hurts every few days... I am looking for a few neat plugins to add the site..I have a few in mind. just need to un-lazy myself ha ha. I know this is a very random basic post but I wanted to update sooo bad! I went to walmart and got a few things while ago...we might be (me n david) going on a trip to the mountains to go rock hunting this weekend. I havent been in FOREVER used to go all the time as a child.. i don't know we … [Read more...]