Private Tutor

In high school, I wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. Well actually I was smart, don't get me wrong. I just didn't have many teachers that were dedicated in their teaching that wanted to help me with the things that I didn't understand. Especially when it came to math. I can remember at an early age having a problem with math, even the simple stuff. I still can't do most stuff with out a calculator, and I can't long divide When I got to 12th grade I had 2 awesome math teachers that gave me individual attention and helped me with the things that I didn't understand but, by then was kind of to0 late. I had been embarrassed and felt held back for so long by this point I wish that maybe my parents, or even myself for that matter would have looked online for me some individual attention on the things that I didn't understand, and maybe got me a private math tutor earlier on. I don't blame them that they didn't, they tried to just rely on what they knew and figured my … [Read more...]

imPRESS Press-on Manicure

I recently got to check out imPRESS pres-on manicure as a part of my holiday 2011 voxbox from influenster! This was one of the most exciting items that I got in my box, because I am always wanting to "do" my nails but i'm rather uncoordinated when it comes to doing my own nails, and I don't think i've had my nails professionally done since..oh.. high school! As far as having my nails painted in general I don't think I had them painted since we had first got duke (our jack russell we used to have) back in Sept 2008! Like I say it isn't that i'm not jealous when I see peoples nails painted and everything, it just isn't something I can do on my own :( imPRESS not only comes in colors, they also come in patterns which I think is extra special nifty! I haven't ever got to have my nails in a design! The cutest thing about imPRESS is the little nail decals come in a bottle that resembles a nail polish bottle as well. You know I am a sucker for cute packaging :) Oh, and sosmething … [Read more...]

what headache is this

*waves* it is me, your poor headachy nichole :( I woke up around 3a/m with a headache from the devil!  I have no idea why, I just woke up crying in pain and manged to get david awake to get me some advil and water. (We had both on the dresser, but the sports bottle puts water in is a pain to open, and I didn't feel like sucking a straw, plus I couldnt get the advil open!) I eventually managed to go back to sleep, woke up when david went to work, played monopoly on my phone for a while..that stuff is addictive!  Finally went back to sleep on and off a bit, but the headache has decided to linger :( I need to wash some dishes, vacuum the rug and other than that...I plan on doing a whole lot of N O T H I N G other than calling AT&T to find out why our internet bill is DOUBLE what it should be. Me and bills getting screwed up i'm telling you! I Know we paid last month, so I don't know what the deal is! well i'll be around! catch ya later.. ng   … [Read more...]

keep on going

Today is flying by! I have pretty much got everything done that I wanted to, except for 2 blog posts that i'm gonna hold off on, until maybe tomorrow or wed..sometime later in the week for sure (unless I get extra wired sometime tonight and decide to do them then!) Still no word from the PR person about this box of goodies I need to review on 3 seperate sites (basically little blurbs about the products) Like I say, I had some questions and after 3-4 weeks and 2 seperate emails? Still don't know the answers! :(  It's frustrating for sure! We are going to have my "The Soup" tonight :) I made it a few weeks ago, but instead of your basic pasta I added wacky mac..which I would NOT have thought would have made a difference..well it screwed it up and made it be SWEET :( I also want to get my rug swept or vacuumed before david gets home .. i have about 45 min so I'm trying to make the best of it. David will once again be off for 10 days from the 23rd-3rd. At least this time he SHOULD … [Read more...]

Influenster, Have you heard of them?

picture by nichole (me)

Back in the summer I signed up for a program called influenster. I cannot for the life of me remember the particulars, how I heard about it or anything like that. Also, I totally forgot that I signed up for it! A few weeks back I got an email about getting their holiday vox box ( a boxful of free goodies, based on my influence!) and I quickly rushed over to see what they were about and to respond to get my box! Influenster is a site where you earn badges based on different things like are you a mommy? a cat owner? bride to be? you take little surveys and earn badges and what not. I wish that they would get a widget where I could display mine on my sidebar! So what was in my voxbox for the holiday 2011 season? Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Larbar (couldn't eat it due to my allergy to cashews:() NYC Color Liquid Lip Shine Montagne Jeunesse Face Msk Softsoap coconut scrub bar soap impress press on manicure by broadway nails There was also a coupon fro the nails,and for the … [Read more...]