woke up with a headache…

So when you wake up with nausea and a headache, I don't suppose there's too much else that can go wrong with your day! I was hoping by the time I actually got up that it would be gone, but no such luck :(  Advil won't even shake it :( I will prob be heading back to bed pretty soon. The rainy weather we are having is not helping out either! that just makes me want to go back to bed even more! I have a few things online to do, including 2 posts that have to be done today..it just looks like they will be getting done this evening instead of early in the day like normal... Weekend was weird because David worked on Friday..it had been so long since he worked on a friday!  We didn't do anything on Saturday except go to walmart.. the weather was so rainy and icky!  Yesterday we went to my mom and dads for lunch.. We filed taxes yesterday as well. E-filed both federal and state this time around (my printer is out of ink, and we didn't feel like fooling with buying any so we just went … [Read more...]

Some of my favorite teacher mini stories

David and I were having a random conversation on the way to my moms the other day about classes I have took and not liked over the years. To hear me talk you would think that I didn't ever like a class I ever took lol. I guess it's because I like to rant over the stupid ones instead of praising the good ones? I am not exactly sure! Is anyone else like this? I can remember as far back as elementary school I always hated GYM (PE whatever you want to call it) and Math. I didn't really hate PE so much back that far except when we got older and started doing stuff like softball and basketball. I never could get a ball through that blasted hoop!  I don't even think an adjustable backboard or anything would have helped unskilled little shorty me! Over the years I still hated Math and Gym (Thankfully after 9th grade I never had to take it again!)Even though I had to take Yoga later on and even an elementary pe teaching class they were not so bad. Then I evolved and s tarted getting … [Read more...]

the mind starts to wonder

When you lay awake most of the night your mind wonders to places it probably shouldn't. Or at least mine does :(. I think of crazyt hings that really don't have anything to do with anything, things I could be doing if it were a more decent hour and on and on. It sucks. Lately I have been doing better with going to sleep, but last night david went to bed instead of giving me a massage and well..I had hours of fun just staring at the walls. I was almost asleep at one point when I swear I heard david's phone bing..which he says it didn't..mine was on silent so apparently I am starting to hear phantom iphone bings? Oy! I finally went to sleep and don't you just know I woke up around 4 and haven't been back to sleep! I got a TON accomplished yesterday for some reason. I have NO CLUE how. I managed to totally get my closet cleaned UP. Granted things may need cleaned out and reorganized but..at least you can see my floor for the  first time in MONTHS!! I also managed to clean my dresser … [Read more...]

yeah, I have opinions that most ppl don’t like

On Facebook this morning...I innocently conveyed that I don't really "CARE" about MLK day, and I got someone in a twist in less than 10 minutes which I guess I should have saw coming. I didn't say it because he's "black" as someone tried to insinuate..and read between the lines for things that weren't even there! My GGG grandfather had slaves..and well do some figuring there... so guess who is in fact part african american? *raises hand*(have you ever saw my hair when I don't straighten it?) yeah. The reason that I said that I don't care for it is simply because I feel there are other great people from history that have made great contributions, but guess what? they don't have their own DAY. Yeah. Goodness forbid I have a opinion diff. from the norm and i actually choose to share it for once lol. Anyways. I am pretty much having a chill day with sam. We already got a load of clothes going and the dishes washed. I prob be watching Days here in a sec..prob clean up sam's room … [Read more...]

then i realized..

Hello There! Today is a day where i'm trying to get 5 million things done at one time, since it's my last day to myself until monday! Which, I did not realize was a holiday (as in banks/post offices closed) which pushes david's check from being received on Tuesday to Wednesday. Of course, I didn't realize this BEFORE hand, but our power bill is actually due on SUNDAY (which I realized, I figured meh,paying it on tuesday won't be too bad , since it is due on a weekend day... My only hope is that they are closed on monday as well (city office? maybe?) and maybe it will all pan out :( I could just smack david for buying freaking concert tickets instead of paying this bill! (and you really don't want me going there either..) Right now thankfully the only thing I really HAVE to do is vacuum the living room rug and start some laundry at some point. Dinner is going to be sloppy joes...so that's gonna be relatively simple..just got to get some buns! well, i'm out for … [Read more...]