oh the panic sets in. sort of!

*waves* Right now my head is doing that "OMG OMG TRAVELING SOON" tailspin that it likes to do. I don't know why. Simple trip, get up go eat thanksgiving dinner, come back the same day.. However, either way, I have that notion that you can't leave the house in a mess..Anyone else out there like that? I mean ok, my house really isn't that dirty at all.. basically we are talking things like: clean sams box/change his litter/sweep his floor, straighten up the bedroom, find something to wear, change purses, clean up the bathroom, vacuum get laundry done, dishes.. you know basic stuff?  nothing that can really be totally done today because i'd have to turn around and redo them tomorrow! I am going to TRY my darndest to get my hair fixed up today IF it ever decides to dry! As far as online stuff.. I would like to get a review up and get that media kit worked on, but honestly i'm kinda like well.. it isn't something that can't wait so... You know honestly I think of the best things … [Read more...]

I am turning into my grandma!

Today has been.. LONG?? I guess would be a good word for it. Like I mentioned before I didn't hit the ground running this morning and I feel like I didn't get enough done today for some reason! I mean I totally did stuff, don't get me wrong but I swear I am such an over achiever.. MEH! Right now David is playing some game he bought on Saturday...Sam is laying on the floor asleep..I am trying to unwind, so I am considering maybe working on putting up some stuff at grits-reviews.. Not sure though..I also considered washing MORE dishes! Seriously, I need to learn to chill! I think the reason I am feeling like this is because I know basically tomorrow is all I have to get things done this week. ...and I know that doing my hair is most def. my main goal for tomorrow..plus like I mentioned early today finding something worth a darn in my closet to wear. Oh, and let us not forget I need to change purses. I had a realization a few weeks ago at the hospital that I am turning into my … [Read more...]

Fast & Furious week!

*Waves* I wish this was one of those days I have had lately where I have hit the floor running, but it isn't! I guess it's monday, what can you expect lol. I know one thing this will be a fast and furious week for sure. I only have today, tomorrow and part of the day wed (probably till 11 a/m?) to get what I need to get done. (David will only work part of the day on that day) We will be making the LONG trip (5+hours) to my grandma's and back on the same day on thursday. I would like to stay overnight but I don't think we will. I guess I will know closer to then. My biggest thing at this point travel related is to find something that hides my weight so some of the rude people in my family that don't know how to keep their mouths shut don't say something that totally offends me and ruins my whole day. And..Yes, it has happened before. It's not that I don't know that I have gained weight you know.. that's basically SO  5 years ago at this point. The thing is I also know i'm not … [Read more...]

wrap this week up pls?

*waves* Wow. Last night was a restless little night thanks to my overdue female time getting ready to rear it's ugly little head! i'm usually 2 months between, this time 3. I got concerned , took a pregnancy test and as I was cleaning up I was spotting! go figure, if i want my period all i have to do is wave a pregnancy test at myself! Jason is coming to hang out with me today , and unfortunately I don't feel well at all due to all this female mess and not sleeping! I felt so good last thursday, too bad it couldn't have happened then...however i'm glad to get to hang out so it's all good! I always want to get a pic of us together but it never happens. I always forget! I have done so much housework this week, I shouldn't really have to do much of anything today at all! I have done clothes and dishes and sweeping and vacuuming and on and on! I spent ALL DAY yesterday being domestic! I also managed to post reviews at grits everyday this week including 9 yesterday! David and I … [Read more...]

Beauty Blogger Voxbox from Influenster!

img via infuenster.com

I received the Beauty Bloggers Influenster box a few weeks back! I was really happy to be considered for getting it, because I didn't do the best job of writing/tweeting,etc about my previous one that I got over the summer (which was when I was heavily depressed after "the drama" )however, I did enough apparently because they gave me another chance! Influenster, in case you don't know is this awesome little program, where every so often they send out boxes of goodies to you, based on your influence. The boxes don't cost you anything, and all that you have to do in return is basically spread the word, which will qualify you for further boxes. So what was inside the latest box? Nyc New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact: mine is in the color combo called "Dark Shadows"  I don't wear makeup very often, but these colors look like they would do well for me for the holiday season and events. I do happen to like NYC brand because they are fairly decently priced and easy to … [Read more...]

what is it about a list?

I don't know what it is about this time change, and me making lists of things to do, but it seems to be a winning combination for me!  I don't know what it is about a list, but if I can check stuff off as I go along it really makes me more accomplished in my day. I get all excited about crossing things off..and if I do anything that isn't on the list I write it down! I guess even on those days when I feel like I don't do anything, I actually do! I am going to try to make it to my class tonight (7 of 10) I don't know if I will make it Thursday or not. Thursday is always so busy for me, plus this week Jason is coming to see me since we got our wires crossed last week!  I guess we'll see how it goes? If by chance I could make it Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday i'd be finished right in time for the holidays! It is tempting for sure. Right now I am about to dig through my deep freezer and figure out what the devil I can make for dinner. I was doing that yesterday and BAm there was some … [Read more...]