Nichole & David’s TN Adventure: Wilderness at the Smokies Review


A Little Bit of Background & Info Back in September David and I had the chance to get to finally get away and go on what I would call a REAL vacation! We haven't really been anywhere other than my Grandparents/a trip to the N.C. Mountains in FOREVER. Actually, I hadn't even been to those places in a while either!  One of our favorite places to get to go is TN (David has a real obsession with wanting to live in TN one day). Anyways, we had been twice in the past and I decided to see how far my blogging could take us with getting some things for this trip. We had stayed at Wilderness at the smokies twice before and really enjoyed it, so they were first in my mind to see if they would be interested to work with me! Generally David and I have only went to Wilderness in the winter time (I am talking about SNOW ON THE GROUND the one time we went!) I was excited when I got a "Yes" response to being able to go for 2 nights in exchange for a review of my honest thoughts/opinions and an … [Read more...]

Nichole & David’s TN Adventure Fall 2014-Sunoco Sponser of My FUEL for the Road

When you are getting ready to go on a trip, there are a few things you have to square away before you go! It might be having someone take care of your fur babes, packing, finding a place to stay and things to do but ... there is one thing that you have to have before you go on ANY Sort of trip whether it be just to go to the grocery store or on a vacation and that is GAS (or whatever fuel your car runs on- I know my dads truck runs on diesel!). Without that you aren't going anywhere- or at least anywhere very far! I was happy as could be to be able to find someone to partner with me to sponsor my fuel for the road for David and My TN Adventure and that was the awesome folks at Sunoco! I have partnered with Sunoco a few times here on the blog and even have done a giveaway of a gift card in the past! So when it came time to find sponsors for my trip they were one of the first places that popped into my head! Sunoco is a Gas Station that I had heard of before I worked with them and … [Read more...]