Raise Your Sleeping Standards With Platform Beds (Guest Post)

metal platform beds

Thanks to Fabian Marquez for this guest post! Have you ever spent your nights tossing and turning in your bed, unable to sleep before almost tumbling out of it to get up and go to the bathroom or kitchen because it's too close to the ground? Maybe you've found yourself frustrated with the clutter underneath or, on the other hand, the lack of storage because of your low bed frame. Traditional styled beds are heavy, bulky, and quickly becoming useless and outdated in the face of a superior option. Platform beds are quickly replacing standard beds around the world due to their unique and superior design that literally puts them above their competition. Rather than dealing or hassling with a heavy, multi-piece frame, platform beds boil down to the raised platform and the mattress itself. No worries about your box spring sagging with age and damage or having to assemble a metal and wood monstrosity in your bedroom, just slide in the platform (with or without a headboard depending … [Read more...]

Extra Channels

Thanks for the post, Bernard Vasquez I got CannonSatellite not too long ago and I’m really glad I’ve got all these extra channels to watch the royals on. I know that sounds totally silly but I love them so much – especially the newest, Kate Middleton. I don’t know what it is about that girl but she’s just so pretty and so classy at that…she seems to be cut right out of the royal mold and she certainly seems confident about what she’s doing when you see her do charity events and things like that. I was one of the people who got up early in the morning to watch them get married earlier in the year and I think it’s just so fun that we have a real live prince and princess to cheer for. I love Prince William, too, which is better than with Diana because most people I don’t think loved Price Charles. Anyway, all the royals are fascinating and I just can’t get enough. My husband’s going to kill me if I keep watching every newscast about them!   … [Read more...]