Day 19 Veracity Blogathon: Cell Phone

ost a picture of your cellphone. How long have you had it and why did you choose it? My phone is the Samsung Intercept. It is a prepaid phone from virgin mobile. but you can also get it from Sprint as a regular contract phone. Let's just say: this phone seriously SUCKS. I don't get sprint coverage in my area which we all pretty much know ...I only deal with Virgin which is basically the same thing because of the whole pay as you go thing. I mean better for 25 than 85 any day of the week. It is an android phone and that is about the only thing it has going on for it. I got it when the Charge port in the evo fried ..and it was only to be temporry but it stayed ..i have had it about 2 or 3 months or so i suppose The main reason i chose it?keyboard, and unlimited internet I could tether at the time! Thats realy it.. and I have never liked it freezes constantly too! will post pic soonest nichole   … [Read more...]

Veracity Day #18 Books

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Post a picture of the book you are currently reading and tell us how you are enjoying the book so far. If you’re not reading one, show a picture of a book you would like to read and tell us why. The book that I am getting ready to start reading is Thirst #4 The Shadow of Death by chrisopher pike.  I have liked these books since they were originally written as the 6 part last vampire series years ago. now There are 2 extra books and they have been renamed Thirst. (books 1-3 are thirst 1, books 3-6 is thirst 2.. #3 and 4 are the new ones   I am really surprised I haven't read the latest one just yet, I got the Ebook last weekend, but I have held off. I usually re-read this series every summer it just has always been one of my faves! … [Read more...]

Veracity Blogathon Day 17 Dream Pet(my furr babies are mine)

If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be and why? Don’t forget to post a picture. The Fur Babies I have had are all my dream pets! how lame right? ha ha i also wouldn't mind having an alpaca and a west highland terrior dog..but stil.. Tom: My first pet. He was my uncle Russell's cat first, but my uncle had other cats that used to be mean to him! so my dad started feeding him fresh milk from the goat we had, and well he toughened up and was the cat's meow after that. When we left virginia to move to n.c I had to leave him behind, my grandma took care of him, but he died when I was in kindergarten (not long after we left there) My popa told me he died of a broken heart :( I never forgot that. Here's me and can't hardly see him cause he was so black :) Shadow: this was my baby, first and foremost. he was there for me always. I got him July 1 2007 and He disappeared on Feb 1 2010. I really hope he makes it back someday. I know in my heart nothing … [Read more...]

Veracity Blogathon Day 15

Show us your ideal vacation spot. Why is this your ideal vacation spot? This is mine and david's favorite vacation spot! Wilderness at the Smokies in Tennessee! I think that it's somewhere we like because it isn't that far away, and we always have alot to do when we get there. I hope we can go sometime another and spend more than 2 days there! … [Read more...]

Day #14 Veracity Blogathon: Dream House

Show us your dream house! Either draw it, find a picture of it, or compile a picture of it through an editing program. Why is it your dream house?   My house is my dream house, actually!  I know I have wrote about it before, but here's a little bit about why I love love love my little townhouse apartment. I knew just as soon as we saw these apartments, they felt like home. They feel safe. I'm in a good location, and I am not far from walmart,grocery store, drug stores, hospital,etc. I am also not far from the community college (I used to walk there lol) I remember when we first saw them, I didn't realize they were townhouses at first, i was like OMG IT's HUGE lol. I have a living room, a kitchen, a walk in pantry, a mini pantry, a closet under my stairs...a bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a walkin closet + a closet I have adapted from a linen closet to a dvd /book closet. I have a skylight in my bathroom. it's just awesome:) my house isn't clean enough to take pics right … [Read more...]