A Tale Of A Smudgy Mess: Nichole’s Not So Great Norvell Spray Tan Experience


This is NOT a sponsored post/ Sponsored review. This is just based on a really crappy experience I had with this spray tan a couple of days ago, and I felt the need to share!

When I was in High School.. oh about 12 years ago now (good god really?) I used to do Mystic Spray tan. I had a lot of good results with it, and even though I had minor smudges when I would finally turn colors(because it took several hours) I could always blend in with a tanning towel or some spray. There was only one place even remotely close by to do it and it was a pretty good bit down the road but I still went!

Afterwords when I started trying to stay more close to the house to tan I started doing regular tanning and did that for MANY years. Not for more than a couple of months at a time because I always got burnt out and quit going and all of that good stuff. I have also managed to get burned to the point of blisters 1 time (about 4 years ago) and one time before that was pretty bad as well back in the Boone/App State Days. When we lived in L-town I was tanning without any results because the places up there sucked and weren’t changing their bulbs regularly(and insert a couple 2x that I broke some ankles..)

When I moved back this way I was determined to find somewhere with spray on tan (specifically mystic since I really didn’t know that any other kind except airbrushing existed). I had been on the hunt for well ever.. even where we lived previously with out any luck. Well imagine how EXCITED i was to hear about this place right out at the intersection with spray tan! I went in and asked them how much for a medium tan and it was $20 I even had a coupon on the back of my grocery store receipt for $5 off making it $15! I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get started. I had my mom take me last Thursday afternoon after painstakingly shaving and exfoliating early that morning.

Well the girl at the salon was friendly, it was clean there and she told me that this was “Way better than Mystic” being 12 years since i even did Mystic I had reason to believe that things had improved a great deal and that they were at least in the same realm of which the two could be compared. I was excited to see that the booth was totally different(it reminded me of standing in a Keurig lol.) and that it scanned your body and gave me more in depth details of how to stand and all of that good thing. I also liked that I was promised that I would see results before I even left(as in color would show up then instead of later)

I get out and all is well.. The barrier cream dispenser was broke so I did notice some excess color on my hands/wrists and even my nails so I quickly tried to blot it off with a baby wipe. Other than that it was golden so to speak. I was happy and was quickly assured that I would turn even darker in color for the next 12 or so hours. I came home put on a bathing suit and was determined to do all that I could on my end to make sure everything went smoothly.

Now with Mystic Tan I was only having to go to be sprayed about every 4-6 weeks. I started reading the little paper hand out about the tanning I had picked up on my way out the door at the tanning salon and it was saying that this tan would only last 5-7 days so I was beginning to get disappointed but I tried to stay positve. David came home and things were still looking great and I had no real smudges or anything to speak of. Then.. it happened.

I was trying a piece of davids magnum ice cream bar and i got a piece on my leg (remember I was in my bathing suit) and i made a smudge. I passed if off as it hadn’t been very long since the initial process and went and wiped my self with a tanning towel.  Things were smooth as could be until I woke up the next morning.

I had several noticeable white smudges (even though I did not sweat or take a bath and wore my bathing suit to sleep in!) I covered them with a tan towel and then  I noticed the bed (my sheets, pillow case) was totally covered in tanning solution. I also had smudged all over my bathing suit, and even had a bathing suit line where I had worn it. By this time i was loosing my hope with the whole process. I never smudged with mysitc in such a way.

Throughout the day I noticed anytime I touched myself(Scratched an itch) sneezed  etc I would have oodles of tan missing (and caked under my nails) However I couldn’t get the residual tan off of my nails/hands/wrists for anything in this world. I also had it come off on the toilet when I was in the bathroom .. No mater what this tan just would not stay put.

By Sunday morning I was pretty sure that My best bet was to take a bath/jump in the pool and get this crap off of me and go out here to the other tanning place and get a mystic tan, and honestly even right now I am pretty sure that is what I will end up doing. I do not blame the tanning bed for this whole mess.. i guess if you worked at the tanning bed and could get covered up every day or so for free it probably would be better than mystic to them. I also would consider tanning there as in regular tanning.

I decided to let this mess wear off a bit and then go for the Mystic sooner than later. You should have seen me at the pool on Sunday I was so embarrassed! My legs are about the only thing that don’t really look too awful bad but if you really look at them you can tell what is going on ..and esp my arms! I don’t think my finger nails will ever be clean again either.

I know that in the last 12 years Mystic has probably changed a ton (and hopefully for the best) and I can’t really say this with current knowledge but I do believe that it could NOT be any worse. I know the Mystic out to the other tanning bed is a Mystic HD where you stay warm and what not the whole time it is being done.. kind of like it bakes on so I would def. be interested in trying that and I will def. report back on how the experience goes vs this one!

If you have any specific questions about the process, etc please ask them! I would be more than happy to answer them!


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    What a crazy experience! I have never been to get a spray tan, but I would totally expect better quality than that!

  2. says

    That sounds so awful! I’ve never gotten a spray tan because I’m pretty much scared of this happening. Then again, I live in AZ, so not much of a need! Lol.

  3. says

    Wow- what a horrible experience. I’ve never tanned before so I don’t know how that process works– but from reading this post it sounds like it was awful!

  4. says

    I have never gotten a spray tan. This is one reason why. I am terrified of some disaster and honestly, I have gotten so used to being Casper the friendly ghost white, I worry I would look silly! lol

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    I just embrace the pale! Lol. I have never had success with tanning. I burn in the sun (even with 100SPF) Get splotchy in tanning beds and streak with sprays. I would have been so disappointed! Sorry it didn’t work out but maybe Mystic will work out for you next time!

  6. says

    I have never gotten a spray tan, but I love the lotions that make you darker..this year I just seem to burn, so i’m thinking one of these might be a better option. LOL

  7. says

    Wow, this actually sounds so awful! At least is wasn’t too expensive however, I can’t imagine how disappointing it would be to wake up and find that my 15 dollars had turned into a orange-y mess! Thanks for sharing, sounds like I’ll be avoiding this!

  8. Nichole says

    Hey Larissa!
    Oh It WAS HORRIBLE. I have since done a Mystic that other than my stupid self not extending my arms quite enough and holding my head up/Neck it turned out great and lasted a fairly decent time. I used some tanning towels to fix my own stupid mistakes on that one. but the norwell? no hope lol


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