BE Blogtober Challenge Day #1 Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.


So I am a little late in starting the Be Blogtober challenge but I really wanted to participate so i decided to go ahead and give it a go…

So where am I from you ask? well I am basically from the middle of nowhere usa! I am from the mountains of southwest virginia where it would take you an hour to get to the nearest town with a grocery store, and now as of last year they finally got a walmart! Though if you go an hour the opposite direction out of where we live they have had a walmart there for several years 😉 When I was a little girl the nearest one of those was 2 hours away! It was pretty fun trying to explain it to david who is used to the city about how we lived on a STATE LINE RIDGE and not in a town or city or anything close to that at all!

I grew up very close to my moms family..I mean under our hill so to speak was my grandparents aunts uncles cousins and great grandparents.

I have many fond memories of summers I spent there with my grandparents and my great grandma and my cousins and such. We moved from Virgina to North Carolina when I was 4. I have really never found North Carolina to be all that special to me except the brief times I have spent in the mountains ..I cant help it I guess I am a mountain girl!

This is a subject I might further explore sometime another and even try to include some pictures, but since I am running behind on this challenge I figure I will stick to the basics and then maybe go further sometime in the future