Costume Review!!!

About 2-3 weeks ago I was talking to david about halloween, and that this year I wanted to dress up, so if we go over to the biker bar like we did last year, i’ll have something to wear. He already spent a freaking fortune on me a costume one time before, but I gained weight so…unless i want to look pudgy well i wouldn’t wear it!! I even spend hours in the halloween store last year trying things on but couldn’t ever quite get what i was going for. that and the fact that everything that did fit, even on the “discount” was still unaffordable  for us!

Well would you believe the exact same day I got the opp. to review a costume of my choosing?I swear it was ment to be! I knew i pretty much was wanting something “sexy” but not to revealing to wear into public (which is really hard to find actually…I seriously don’t want to show my tush and boobs to the world!) I also really like the styles of the playboy brand of costumes (even though that makes it more likely to be showing all my parts to the world,lol)

Now, you’d think me, the bright genius I am (ahum) lol would have thought to look online for something (and if i wouldn’t have been doing it last minute, I probably would)

I didn’t think to check out a  adult toy site either. I honestly thought if i went there to type in sexy costumes for women it will be something i wouldn’t even wear out of my bedroom!! I actually found quite a few that i was interested in, and started keeping a running bookmark list of them (and it is funny because i always suck at bookmarking stuff!!) the site was easy to browse, and it had plenty of categories to find what you were looking for! I was really happy to find the playboy section, and then my bookmarks started increasing! I wanted to wait for david to come home and help me pick something out, but I was anxious so I picked myself! I picked thePlayboy Little Red Vixen Adult costume.

I was VERY impressed with the prices of the costumes on the site! it tells you the retail price, their price, and in my case the clearance price. It is nice to see what you are saving, and I know I saw these costumes for the full price when i was searching last halloween! I honestly thought they were on sale at these prices, but apparently not!

When it came, it was nicely packaged and in perfect condition (I had posted a note on it to leave at door if no response, and we got home right as it started to rain!!) I hurried and tried it on and it fit just well. The description on the site did it plenty of justice, but I didn’t realize it came with the crinlon, the skirt, the corset and the little cape! also included were the tights! and it is in a nice reusable bag!

I was very satisfied with my experience, and i will def. be checking out their site in the future! David might get lucky next time and help me pick something out for fun 🙂

Around halloween look for pics of me in the costume. I am happy to say it doesn’t show my tushie, my boobs and it fits my pudgey tummy!!

ps: after while when my camera battery charges I will post a pic if I remember 🙂 (not of me in it but the costume 🙂 )


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    I am glad that you found the costume that you liked..and yea I like those that look nice but not be too revealing…