Holiday Gift Guide Review: Terracycle Mailbag Ipad Case


A Little Background On Yours Truly (relevant to this review item!)

One thing I have always been obsessed with long before I was a blogger is the MAIL. I don’t know but ever since I was a young  child I anxiously awaited delivery of the mail when I was at home, and if not I wanted to be the one that picked it up out of the mailbox in the afternoon.  I also liked getting the occasional package from other methods of delivery, but they were far and few between, and the mail was 6 days a week! I guess I always liked the wonder of what I could get that day in the mail! I know I used to send away for freebies and stuff a lot as a child.

Presenting TerraCycle Upcycled Items:

TerraCycle LogoI tell you that background, to tell you about the latest item that I got to review!  I recently discovered a site called Terracycle which has lots of awesome goodies that are made from everyday items that are harder to recycle such as chip bags and even billboards!

Even cooler? They actually obtained permission from the USPS to upcycle their Mailbags!  They have 3 choices to choose from including a tote bag, pouch and an Ipad case! I picked the TerraCycle Mail Bag  Ipad case because I needed something nifty and awesome to tote mine around in since I really didn’t have anything except throwing it into a random bag or in my purse. At least this way it will be more protected. Plus, I spent quite a pretty penny on a keyboard for it as well and it needs to all be protected.


Ways to Use this Pouch (because there are several!)

So what better way for a mail obsessed gal like myself to tote around and protect their ipad? Well I can’t really think of one! You can even use it for a Kindle or any sort of e-reader or tablet. I was actually even using it for toting my Christmas cards and such over to my moms when we were getting ready to send them out. It really does have multiple uses. For me it just kind of depends on if I am in the mood to take my ipad somewhere or not, because when I am around the house it is seemingly always in use or on charge ! However, when it isn’t it is tucked away in a drawer in this Mailbag Ipad case

Features and Dimensions

This case features not only the cool fact of being upcycled, from a mail bag no less, but it also has an outside pocket where you can put your cord and other extra goodies if need be, and it also has a soft lining on the inside for the protection of your device. It also has a zipper closure. The grommets (side note I Have ALWAYS loved the word grommet!) give it an more interesting and maybe even help make the pouch look more vintage as well.The dimensions of the bag are:  11″ x 8.25″

Follow up Thoughts on The Item & A little more about TerraCycle:

If you couldn’t tell already, I can’t run out of nice things to say about the pouch and I really look forward to using it in the future. I like the unique factor most of all, knowing that it is something that a lot of people don’t have one of! That has always been part of my style. I also like the way that it can be used in many different ways. I like that it has room for the accessories and extras you want to carry along as well.  The only thing I WISH , which is totally impossible is that it had more of the US mail logo on it so it was more recognizable and you could more easily identify what it is made out of, but it is o.k because it is a fun story to tell! Plus, I know for EVERY bag they make to have that on it would be totally impossible 🙂

And for the record, you can totally send in your used goods to terracycle and have it upcycled into various items. To find much more out about that check out the information on TerraCycle Send In Your Waste!