Lake Norman Beerfest 2015

This post is written in exchange for 2 VIP tickets to the Lake Norman Beerfest 2015..All thoughts opinions and statements are honest and my own!

So you may remember me posting last fall about being really excited to go to Charlotte Beerfest?  I was going as part of a review and getting the VIP experience package for me and David! You can read that post “Charlotte Beerfest 2014 “ if you want to see how excited I was and then you will see why I was so bummed because… ….you might have also noticed that I never posted a follow up to that post! What happened was that was the week David started really having panic attacks and he had been not sleeping , had a trip to urgent care and chest pains and all of that so we didn’t actually make it to the beerfest! I was pretty bummed out but … it was more important for us at that time to address those health concerns and get some rest.

I figured I would try again for this year 🙂 I also had no luck with getting us a ride back and forth at the time because we didn’t want to drink and drive obviously and I knew my mom probably didn’t want to head into Charlotte that time of the night plus have to baby sit Marley and with having to drop us off it just was a logistical nightmare for us lol.

When I originally went to my first beerfest in 2013 it was actually Lake Norman Beerfest and that is TONS closer to where I live , especially now so when I found out last week that they were going to be doing it here in a few weeks I thought I would try my luck and see if maybe I could have a “do over” of sorts 🙂

As luck would have it, they were more than happy to let me “try again” so that is why I am bringing you this post 🙂


Location , Time and Date

Lake Norman Beerfest 2015 will be held Saturday May 23rd 2015 rain or shine at Galloway Hooker in Cornelius NC. I really like the idea of it being held somewhere that I am familiar with and somewhere that is not very far away and that my mom probably wouldn’t mind dropping us off and picking us up (we might have a grand total of 30 minutes in travel time IF that) It will be held from 4-9 for VIP folks and 5-9 for those with a general admission ticket.


General Admission

When David and I went to LKN Beerfest the first time we did it as general admission and it was fine and dandy and totally worth the money in case you can’t afford VIP or you just don’t care about getting in an hour early + the extra perks (which I will get to).  You will get access to the event starting at 5  and you will get General admission prices for the Lake Norman Beerfest are $40 in advance, $50 at the door.General admission includes a sampling of craft beers, a Lake Norman Beerfest sampling glass and live entertainment!

VIP Experience

The VIP package includes all general admission benefits plus expedited entrance line at the gate, VIP area with exclusive craft beers not available to other festival attendees, hospitality area and VIP – only restroom facilities, and a VIP gift bag with a t-shirt and custom pint glass. You also get an extra hour to enjoy the festivities! The cost is $75
David and I had hoped that if we ever went again we could do the VIP just so we could say we got to do something VIP so I am very excited we are going to get to do it this way!


Joystick and Gump Fiction are the bands that are going to be playing at the event, and I totally admit I don’t know either one of them, but that isn’t saying a lot I never hardly know names of bands lol. From the description that I got for Joystick it sounds like I will like them
“HITS of the 70’s, 80″s & 90’s, Party Rock & even a little Country”( they can kick it up a bit with the country because that is mostly what I listen too- well older country lol)

The performance schedule looks like this:



Summing it all Up!

So I am TOTALLY excited for May 23rd to roll around! It will be the week after Davids birthday so that is awesome! I am looking forward to trying all of the different beers, many of which will be NC beers!  I also look forward to eating pretzels and wearing my pretzel necklace and updating instagram with pics from the event (and possibly facebook and twitter too!) I also look forward to bringing you a summary of my experience when it is all said and done!  If I get any further information about anything before then I will also update this post!