Charlotte Beerfest – September 20 2014

This post was written in exchange for 2 Charlotte Beerfest 2014 VIP tickets. This is a pre event post, and all opinions thoughts and ideas are honest and my own! Check back after September 20th for a post highlighting my experience at the event!

Me & My Previous Beerfest Experience

I don’t believe it is a secret that I LOVE Beer and Wine… or if it is.. well now you know! 🙂  I used to be one of those folks that wouldn’t touch beer with a 10ft pole but I had a few cousins convince me to try it , ah peer pressure and I was like o.k. it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was! So after that I kind of picked up drinking it regularly!

In 2012 David and I went to a beer fest locally called Lake Norman Beer Fest. We didn’t decide to go until last minute and we ended up taking his dad with us as well. None of us had ever been to a beer fest before so we didn’t know what to expect!  I was at first like WHY are these people wearing pretzels on strings around their necks ? lol .. which I quickly figured out because.. well, of course when you drink you start wanting something to snack on, generally salty and pretzels are a good fit. oh, and easy and convenient around your neck ha ha.

There were tons of beers to sample and the year we went one of my favorite local bands was there as well! We had tons of fun!As long as you waited in line you could sample the beer as many times as you wanted too, until they ran out!   I thought it was well worth the money we spent and I was jealous as could be at the folks who had got to come an hour early to sample and what not with their VIP tickets! They even had bigger cups to sample with! So I had hoped we would get to go back last year , 2013 but it didn’t work out.

Then.. fast forward to last week! I got a pitch about reviewing for Charlotte Beer festival and found out it was the same folks so I told them I would be happy to work with them of course, and I could throw in some bonus posting and promoting for them too!



Charlotte BeerFest will be held September 20 2014 at BB&T Ballpark in uptown Charlotte! . There will be 100 beers to sample and 25 of them will be from right here in the carolinas!  It will also sponsor Ace and T.J’s Grinkids as well.  The beer is guaranteed to be flowing throughout the entire event too!   Of course, you can drink unlimited beer as well! Beer, Music and a good time, what more could you want? I know that I am REALLY excited for my visit and it can’t come soon enough! I need a evening out! It has been far too long, and I can’t think of anything I would rather go do honestly! You all know I am a boring homebody for the most part, and there aren’t many things that I truly enjoy but from my experience before I know that this will be a fun time for both David and myself. I am going to check with his dad and brother and invite them to come along as well! I know my brother in law just has turned 21 and I think he would enjoy getting to go, and I know David’s dad would!

They even came up with a CUTE slogan for the event , especially since it will be held at the BB&T Ballpark:



All the Different Beers

Like I mentioned there are going to be over 100 beers to sample at the event and they range from local to not so local, and there are far too many for me to list here! I know that I really like trying all the different ones! Normally  I stick to the same ole same ole because that is just the way I am.. I don’t like buying something and then ending up not liking it …This gives me the awesome chance to try new things and then when it something I really like I can buy it later on! I like expanding my horizons 🙂



Types of Tickets

There are 2 different types of tickets for the event VIP and General. The VIP ticket gets you a beerfest swag bag that includes a t-shirt and a larger sampling glass(think pint sized) VIP seating and bathrooms,exclusive samples..and a chance to sample an hour earlier starting at 4 p.m!The general admission starts at 5 p.m! It is also good to note that the VIP ticket is limited to 500 people. To buy tickets you can go here- Charlotte Beerfest Tickets 2014

Band Line Up:

The Entertainment for beerfest is amazing!  We have 2 local bands as well as one national band scheduled!

4:30-5:15 CHARITY CASE — This is during VIP time and I AM EXCITED! I go see them anytime I can.. I think this might be the 5th or 6th time in the last 2 years! I want their time extended lol They need to start at 4!  or go longer or something! 🙂

5:45-7:00 SIMPLIFIED– I am not sure about this band, I haven’t heard of them but I am looking forward to hearing them!

8-9:30- BLUES TRAVELER – I know they are national, but I am NOT 100% sure I know who they are! I am going to have to look into it. 🙂

Final Thoughts:

I am really looking forward to bringing you more about the Charlotte 2014 beerfest between now and the event , as well as highlighting my experience of the event.I plan to post to pinterest and instagram and the works!  I know that somewhere I have pictures and video clips from the previous one , and I will be sure to get ones to share with you this go around! If I do manage to find some of my old pics and clips I might share them 🙂

Also, if you Please be safe and don’t risk drinking and driving! It isn’t worth the headache! No matter what you would be better off with a DD or taking a cab no matter the cost because you do NOT want to be tied up with a DUI  because it just isn’t smart! I plan to have my mom drop us off and picking us up.. and watching Marley while we are gone of course!


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    Never ever heard of the pretzels around the neck that is so funny. It sounds so fun and so many beers to choose from I only wish I lived closer. And Blues Traveler is an amazing band they have had several big time hit songs you will defiantly love them.
    Angie Wenke recently posted…Dejavu moment that had me in tearsMy Profile

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    I think that Beerfest sounds like a lot of fun. I have only been to one beer tasting and that was at a Ren Faire. I think something like this would be a fun event to go to. I might look to see if there is anything in my area.
    Ashley Pomykala recently posted…Bobble, Bobble, BobbleMy Profile

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    I’m not into beer, but I love a good festival with live music and … BLUES TRAVELER!!! Love them! Too bad I don’t live close by because my Hubby would love this and I’d be the perfect designated driver.


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