Lake Norman Beerfest 2015 Recap

this is a followup post about Lake Norman Beerfest 2015. I received 2 complimentary VIP passes to attend and blog about the event! All thoughts, opinions ,ideas and experiences are honest and my own. Yours might vary.

I am sure that if you have been following along on the blog for any length of time you have saw the pinned post about me going to Lake Norman Beerfest 2015  which I have been pretty excited about because I had planned to go to the Charlotte one last fall and didn’t get to go.

Anyways, I spent half of Saturday deciding what to wear. Yes, there was a costume I was going to wear and it was looking great until I took it off for lunch and with the heat I was swelling up and hot and – yeah lol. Anyways that will be a different post for later! It seemed like before I knew it , it was time for us to drop Marley off at my moms and head out! We ended up just going on our own because David wanted to do a few things before we went. He also knows to stop and not drink for a good while before we left to head back home as well!

We got there a few minutes early- maybe about 15 and we parked pretty close- it is actually where David was *supposed* to park when he was doing volunteering for Elevation- but he always parked closer lol. It was pretty funny because at one end of the parking lot was Elevation (our church ) and then the end we were on was beerfest! I know when we had went before to the beerfest over there about 3 years  ago it was before Elevation was there and before the apartments were built up, so we had it back in like a field area – this was literally in the parking lot so that was a little different for me!

We were one of the first few folks to arrive and we were trying to snap some pics and what not and David got a little too far up past the waiting area for this one lady and she like FLIPPED. I was like OH WOW!  There was cops and security RIGHT THERE so I was like o.k.. I don’t think that was called for but .. whatever lol

Here are a few pics we took while we were patiently waiting to get in:


We actually had to walk back to the car to get David’s wallet because well obviously we needed his ID. We were still the first ones to get through the line and recieve our tasting glass, our wrist band, and VIP Badge. I was a little confused because we had never done VIP before and I thought you got a bigger glass for samples but you don’t- which wasn’t a big deal because it isn’t a huge deal to have to just go around as many times as you want and try how much of whatever as long as they don’t run out!

I was also confused about the gift bags- because it turns out you get them at the end- I think I remember last time we had went seeing people with them during the event- another not a biggie type thing. though I had the smallest purse known to man and could have used something to stick the various things that you get like lip balms and bottle openers and the like down in lol. I will keep it in mind for next time!

VIP1 COLLAGEHere are some pics related to the VIP aspect of the beerfest. Our wrist band included 4 tear off tabs where you could go into the VIP area and get full 12 oz drinks and there were drinks over there like Crispin and such that weren’t avaialble even to sample out in the main area! WE also had some food over there even though I didn’t check it out, and there were bowls of pretzels too. I noticed this year that there wasn’t anyone handing out pretzel necklaces to the regular folks and I did get asked about mine SEVERAL times! I had actually took the excess ribbon on my costume and cut them off and david made me a pretzel necklace out of it!

We were lucky that the weather really wasn’t that hot and we had tons of fun walking around and trying various beers. I found this one section that was pretty much all the fruity stuff like Angry orchard and then all these pink drinks , so that was pretty fun too! We spent a lot of time just sitting around talking and relaxing and all that kind of thing.


I was totally having a bad hair day and I was right in the sun, so that is why I look so darn buzzed.. because I really wasn’t so much even though that was right before we left lol. We actually left early because we wanted to be able to get Marley from my moms before they went to bed, plus we are early birds too 🙂

The music was fine- believe me I have went to the biker bar where we used to live and listened to this one band I absolutely swear cannot carry a tune in a bucket about 500 million times lol David and I were finally having some time to connect for the first time in a long time so I really didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the music just to note that it wasn’t bad or OMG are they seriously playing Britney?

scenerycollageThose are just some random scenery pics of the bands and people playing games and what not. I have to also note that it wasn’t too horribly bad crowded and even when the general admission folks came it wasn’t really a wait to get a drink and all that kind of thing. I also learned that the water that was on the tables with the bucket under it was to wash out your cup before you sampled a different drink! I swear I thought it was just if you wanted a sip of water lol.

sizedmicbfI had to take a pic of this one sign because of the Froggy thing.. Because my dads name is Kermit and we call him frog, so that was just too awesome for me! I had taken my blogger cards with me and actually handed them out to a few people as well!  As far as the picture of the light I REALLY thought they were neat and reminded me of lanterns a little bit. I actually have that one cropped and am using it on my facebook as my cover image right now!

We really did have an great time at Lake Norman Beerfest and I hope that we can do it again next time! It was fun to be out an about enjoying ourselves on a nice day, and to get to try a few new things. I know that David actually won a flight of beer at a local brewery too, so that was an amazing perk too! I know that next time I go I am now forever spoiled and will want to do it VIP!





  1. Charli says

    Sounds pretty nice! We don’t have those things around here (and since I don’t drink it wouldn’t matter if they did lol) but I know they used to do something similar during Rivercade. 🙂