My Secret Circle

pkg2When I was young, We didn’t own a computer! I can’t even remember anyone we knew that had one! Back then of course the internet,email,etc was just getting started. (I think I was in 4th or 5th grade when email first came about)And, for the record I was in 10th grade when we finally got a computer and internet!

I was always fascinated by technology. I can remember going in the store and looking at all the things in the electronics aisle in the toy section. I am talking about those little things like giga pets and even more so the my secret diaries/secret senders! I still have my Sabrina The Teenage Witch Secret Diary. I also used to have the secret sender. They always had the most cool little things on them like games, and diaries and such!

I recently got the opportunity to review a product called My Secret Circle, which has taken this concept into the social networking generation! I received the B.F.F pack which included two drives!

My Secret Circle is a USB Drive (in keychain form)that is geared towards tween girls (and ok, i am going on record here i’m 26 and my cousin that helped me check this out is 19. we think rather fondly of it as well lol). It was orignaly released at Justice, and coming this month they will be available at target!

The concept of the My Secret Circle is to protect young girls from the hazzards of being on a public social networking site. They are protected because the keychain features its own browsers and unique id codes. When you print out a code to connect with your friend, that code can never be used again. It also prevents them from browsing outside of My Secret circle and going onto other websites when the drive is inserted in the computer.

I am not a parent yet, but let me tell you I know I would be concerned to let my child be out there on the internet! However, I wouldn’t want to have to hinder them, and not let them interact with their friends online. This product is perfect for that!

This little drive is like having your own journal/blog (think livejournal or wordpress)which can be shared with your friends, or kept private. You also get your own instant messanger (think aim/msn) and Photo sharing (think something like flickr) but it is all exclusive and only for the people that they know in real life! Also there are many different games to play. I am serious when I say what else could you want? :)Also, they are now selling headsets separately to make it to where you can VOICE CHAT! it’s like having skype!

I also think this can appeal to people that are much older, such as myself. it is really cute to be able to go totally private and interact with only people you know, no matter what your age. I know on facebook,myspace,etc you can tweak your settings, but with these you can REALLY be in control! Also, they are cute as pie on your keychain!

I think that anyone who has young kids who are curious about the computer, and want to interact with their friends should check it out! Everything is fairly simple to do, and really fun 🙂

The My Secret Circle B.F.F. Pack, which includes 2 access keys, will retail for under 20 bucks! It will be sold at Target. Here is a link to the page

Another helpful link is a link to the Quick Start Guide


this item was provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion! I was not required to give a positve review. All opinons stated are honest and my own!