Natures Notebook by Courtney Noelle Review


David and I have ALMOST been married 6 years coming up on June 17 of this year. We didn’t ever get to go on a honeymoon, even though we have went on 2 trips to Tennessee. One place we probably won’t ever make it to is the beach! I don’t know why, but we just seem to flock to the mountains! I don’t think I have been to the beach myself since 9th grade (and yes that was a long time ago! Like 14 years!)

However, I do think the beach is pretty and I do miss going. So when I got the chance to review something personalized that had to do with the beach I was pretty excited! I got a chance to review for Natures Notebook by Courtney Noelle!

Courtney writes names & messages in the sand of the beaches of California. She has always been inspired write in the sand and by taking photographs it ties together her two passions. Also, it is a great way of capturing the moment forever.

There are many options available, and honestly when you think about it, the possibilities are endless! You can choose from names, names and dates, quotes, etc. Plus, the picture will always be even more unique depending on the way that the ocean and everything looks on that particular day.

I chose to get David & my first-middle name written. Something else that was awesome? The letter I in David and in Nichole were “dotted” with a starfish. You can even special request to have the starfish that were used as well if you want. On the back of the picture you will find Courtney’s seal, her signature and where the picture was taken. Mine was at Crystal Cove Beach. I think it’s cool that even though we haven’t ever been to California our names have (dorky I know but the best way I could explain it!)

David and Karen Nichole 10x8 COL

Also included with the picture is a certificate with the seal, and it has Courtney’s picture and info on the back. I also got a thank you and a business card which was absolutely gorgeous and matches everything so perfectly!

There are also many options available as far as the medium that you receive your picture. You can choose from various sizes of prints, have it sent to  you digitally, cards, light switch covers, and even a blanket just to name a few.

I think that this is such a unique and awesome thing that Courtney has going on, and I was glad to get to take part in getting a gorgeous picture to add to my wall (I have to find a frame for it first though)! If you are looking for something unique and totally “you” I would suggest you check into going over to Natures Notebook and get one of these for you or someone you know. There are just too many occasions that you could give someone one of these for. I am always about unique, so this really floated my boat!