OCCUFRESH(and other Optics Labortory Products) Review!

You may or may not know that I wear glasses. Well let me rephrase that, I am supposed to wear them but, i’m a bad little gal and don’t. Lately, I have been trying to wear them more around the house , especially when I am watching tv and being on the computer. In other words I should be wearing them almost 24/7 lol.

I have had glasses since I was in 6th grade. My current pair is way overdue for an upgrade, but… that will probably still be a ways off So in the mean time, I will try to wear them more, and do what I can to keep them in good shape!

Of course there are other ways that you can take care of your eyes, if you wear glasses or contacts or not! I recently have gotten more into trying to do more for my eyes. I guess it’s kind of silly to say but it’s kind of like they do a lot for me, so I need to return the favor!

A little bit back I got the chance to review some stuff for my eyes, thanks to Optics Laboratory Products! I recieved a tote full of goodies, including Ocufresh Eye Wash, Mini Drops (Lubricant Eye drops), Eye-Cept rewetting drops, and ocusave(Eye Vitamin and Mineral supplement)

I will straight up tell you I have a DEEP aversion to putting things in my eyes, which is one of the reasons I will NOT wear contacts, and I hate things near my eyes so I probably won’t ever have Lasik done either. I will just continue to rock my glasses! This has also went for eyedrops for me for the most part, no matter how bad my eyes bother me! I have however, been trying to change my ways and not suffer, especially with allergies and such, so I was pretty excited to get these goodies to review!

First up is the OcuFresh Eye wash. This stuff was like awesomesauce nectar from the eye gods! I have HORRIBLE allergies almost year round, plus I am prone to getting eyelashes in my eyes that seemingly wedge themselves in places that are near impossible to get out! (along, with other gunk!)

The eye wash helps to clean your eyes and help get out all the yucky things that are causing your eyes to be irritated, burn, sting and just feeling discomfort! They come in single use bottles, which makes them sterile, and they even come with one of those eye cups that you can use as well. It also includes information on using them individually, or using them with the cup.I personally prefer trying to use the cup, but if you are out and about you might just have a package of the drops with you, so it is nice that you can go either way with it!

Next , we have the Mini Drops Lubricant eye drops. They come in single use droppers, which are also of course, convienent for on the go! They are more for when your eyes feel dry and they can also be used to help prevent your eyes from being further irritated and such as well. I know that from time to time my eyes don’t feel “right” and it is actually because they are dry. This seems to happen to me a lot when i’ve been working online and not using my glasses, or just at random times. It is nice to put a little but of moisture back to them and make them feel normal again!

The item that I am talking about net The OcuSave Eye vitamin and Mineral supplement totally blew my mind. I totally never realized they made a supplement such as this for your eyes! I mean, don’t get me wrong I have heard about if you eat certain things it is good for your eyes and what not, but I didn’t realize that there was an acutal supplement. Wonders never cease, i’m telling you! I was really happy about this one, because like I said before I have pretty awful vision especially in my right eye. I was told at one point if I wore my glasses more it would perhaps strengthen up my eyes and then I wouldn’t have to wear my glasses at all, but of course I didn’t listen!

These little capsules have all kinds of goodness to help out your eyes! They can help with macular degeneration, reduce your risk of cataracts,provide you with minerals and antioxidents to help with healthy eye vison and more! As I also mentioned before, you only pretty much get one set of eyes, so it’s good to do anything that you can to help them so that they can help you! If taking a pill everyday can help them out, well why not?

The last item I received was the Eye-Cept rewetting drops. They are for soft contact lenses, which of course I don’t happen to use, so I was totally at a loss on really doing an in depth research/review on. However, I do have a cousin that wears contacts, and i’m going to give them to him when I see him at christmas. I can remember from when my mom wore contacts she used to use these babies daily to help keep her eyes comfy while wearing contacts! If I had saw my cousin sooner, I would have gotten his take on these. However, I am sure since they are in the company of all of these other awesome eye goodies, that they are awesome as well!

I have realy enjoyed getting to take care of my eyes more with these awesome goodies, and I know that they will also be helping me to take care of my eyes in the future, so that (repeat it with me?) my eyes can help take care of me! Be sure to follow Ocufresh on Social media like Twitter & Facebook for more information and updates!

(Possible Giveaway coming soon!, Win the tote and 4 items that I reviewed!)

these items were provided to me in exchange for my honest thoughts, opinions , experiences, et,al. All statements above are honest and my own!