Review: Chicken Soup for the Soul & Zaycon Foods



You may or not remember a few years back I got the chance to review for the Amazing folks at Zaycon Foods! You can check out my review of Zaycons Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts!  This time around my review is about their new partnership with Chicken Soup For The Soul! Check out the awesome goodies that they sent me:




A cute cup with a spoon , broth, bbq sauce, a meal builder for meatloaf, a book (of course) and a set that has a potholder, oven mitt and an apron- branded with chicken soup for the soul of course! There were actually two sets but my mom snagged one of them :)I also received a box of Zaycon foods boneless skinless chicken breast (40lbs) as well!

My mom and I have ordered from them SEVERAL times along the way and when I had a chance to review for them in conjunction with their new partnership with Chicken Soup for the Soul I was BEYOND excited!  Also, as a side note I will be writing another Zaycon Foods related review in the coming weeks on their Maple Chicken Sausage patties as well!


In case you don’t know about Zaycon- let me give you a little bit of background information They are not your traditional outlet for buying meats and other related goodies!  First of all you buy it in bulk – 40 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts for example, which has been the bulk of what I have ordered from them. They also have bacon and steaks just to name a few other items!

Basically you are buying in BULK and you get some awesome prices for doing so- For example they are getting ready to have the chicken for $1.69 a lb!  Also- you have to go pick up your order off of a truck (I know some people find that a little weird) and then you have to decide how you want to divide up your haul . Basically I just try to stick to ONE breast per bag

in strips but sometimes depending on how fast my mom is cutting the meat there might be a little more or a little less!  The picking it up off of a truck doesn’t bother me at all.. the folks are super friendly and even put a piece of plastic down under your item(s) to prevent any leakage or anything like that! You honestly do not have to even get out of the car!

Honestly I have became a snob with Chicken- I only want ZAYCON chicken now. The prices are amazing, the chicken breasts are HUGE, I know I am only paying for CHICKEN and not packaging (hello at the store you are paying for plastic and styrofoam and lots of liquids and such!)


Now the first thing I think of when I think of Chicken Soup for the Soul are the books , of course! I know I had several of them (and still do at my parents house) and I think I even had a journal at some point! However now they have expanded their brand into accessories and well FOOD obviously!  Some of the key points about the Chicken Soup for the Soul food aspect are:

-Delicious, nutritious food brings people together around the table for healthy meals

-premium quality at a price below the competition

-sustainable packaging in environmentally-friendly Tetra pak cartons and glass

-created by chef John Doherty, former executive chef at the Waldorf Astoria

Zaycon & Chicken soup Partnership:

Zaycon and Chicken soup have now partnered together so that you can get these quality products in a setting that will bypass your typical retail chain which essentially will help you save money just like you do when you buy other products from zaycon. They decided to partner together because both companies have similar goals and guidelines on  their foods being fresh and being able to be brought to you at an awesome price.

You can read more about the partnership between the two here: Chicken Soup For the Soul & Zaycon Foods Partnership. I personally think that the partnership makes tons of since because when you are buying your chicken and other goodies you will have the chance to buy broths and meal builders to help enhance and make meals out of that meat all at the same time!

Cooking With the Goodies!

zaycon chicken soup

Part of my assignment for writing this review as to of course cook with my chicken and one of the chicken related products that I received which would have been the broth and/ or the BBQ sauce so I decided to keep it very simple, as most of my recipes are and just make a simple quick batch of BBQ chicken. Believe me most of my recipes that I use are made in the crockpot and aren’t too awful involved! I like quick and easy when it comes to meals.

Actually BBQ chicken is one of the things that I have pretty much stopped making just because we have had it so many times we are sick of it and I am kind of well known to be PICKY with food especially sauces! So when I mentioned to David that I was making BBQ chicken for dinner that night when he was getting ready for work he wasn’t too awful excited lol  However I was like “but it is for my REVIEW so give it a chance” so he did.

So here it is my super easy recipe:

Simply put I just put  a bag of my zaycon chicken breasts in the crockpot

with the chicken soup for the soul honey mustard BBQ sauce and cooked it on high for around 4hrs or so.

That’s all there was to it 🙂


So what did I think of the sauce? I LOVED it. It was kind of smoky, a little bit tangy (which believe me is something I am really all about) and the tiniest bit of sweet, which was awesome because I am not a huge fan of meat being sweet for the most part- it’s a personal thing lol. David even liked it and we served it with green beans and potatoes and there was NONE left and that is the first time that I have not had BBQ go to waste in a long time!

I look forward to trying more of the awesome goodies from chicken soup in the future! especially the meal builders and broth. Unfortunately I can’t use the meatloaf one that came in my goodies because it has bacon fat in it and i do not do pork 🙁

Connect with Zaycon & Chicken Soup

The folks at Zaycon and Chicken soup are very social you can find the chicken soup for the soul goodies on the zaycon site as well as:
Twitter: @ChickenSoupSoul
Instagram: @chickensoupsoul