[review] Flip Flop Wines Pinot Grigio and Riesling

flipflop-wines2FlipFlop wines…doesn’t that just sound like the most adorable and summery type name for a wine company? (Oh, and yes there is a new nichole word. I know you all simply adore my “fallish” word that I used back in the fall, so I came up with “summery” )

FlipFlop wines not only has a cute & summery name, but they have a very awesome mission!  They donate a pair of shoes to someone in need for every bottle that is sold! They are partnered with soles4souls.org. Personally, If I can help someone out by doing something as simple and buying a bottle of their wine, I am all for it!(because you all know i’m going to be buying wine anyways, might as well support a good cause while i’m at it!)

The Flip Flop Wines come in 7 varieties which include:

For this review I got to try the Pinot Grigio and Riesling varieties.

Now, I’m gonna tell you straight up, that for no good reason I’ve always stuck to your basic variety red table wine and /or *cringe* boones farm as far as wine is concerned I think this is because that is what my dad always drank, so it was familiar to me.  I mean, I have strayed and tried a few white wines in my time, but never really knew much about them to find one that would be right for me. I can’t say that I am a person who likes change!

As a side note, I tend to be a spiller and let me tell you my clothes tell the tale when I’ve drank wine, especially the red. L I need to expand out to white a bit!

I found the 2 wines to be fairly awesome, more awesome than I expected seeing as I had no clue what to expect and the aforementioned fact that I don’t like change!

The Riesling was a peach,apricot and melon flavored wine and falls right between medium sweet and  the sweet line. I really liked this one because I enjoy peaches apricots and melons and the mixture was very nice!

The Pinot Grigio is a tropical and pear themed wine which was also fairly enjoyable. It comes more in the medium dry to medium sweet line on the scale. I almost found it in my opinion to be more sweet than the Riesling!  I don’t know why I felt that way but I did!

Flipflop wines are around 7 bucks a piece, and when you buy them you are also helping out with providing shoes for others. Also, you are getting high quality tasty wine! I know that from now on when I’m out browsing for wine I’ll be looking for flipflop wines, and I already have saw them at some of my local stores!


I was provided 2 bottles of wine to review in exchange for my honest opinion!