Review: New Costume Sexy Beer Garden Gretel from Costume Discounters


Ever since i knew I was going to go to the Lake Norman Beerfest I had the thought in my head that it would be neat to wear a costume- kind of like the ones people wear when it is an Oktoberfest or a fall beer festival, and I finally started looking around to see if I could find something I liked. I didn’t have too horribly much in mind except I wanted it to cover me up half way decently, and that I would like it to be a light sort of costume because I was sure by the time we had beerfest it would be getting fairly warm outside.

I found something I liked on a random site, but I still wasn’t sure!  Then I remembered that a few years ago I used to review for Costume Discounters,and I wondered if they would mind working with me again, especially since it had been a while! I sent out an email and they agreed… I didn’t at first see the costume that I originally had wanted so I was a little discouraged and started looking for other ones and then.. I saw IT.. the original one and I knew that it was still the one I wanted the most of all!

The Costume I picked was Sexy Beer Garden Gretel– My first thought upon seeing was that it was SO ME, and that it matches all my colors of Autumn Rain and .. yeah I just knew it was the right one!  I was really anxious for it to get here, and it actually came on David’s birthday when everyone was here so I went off to the bathroom and tried it on and was just SO excited because it fit so well and everything. Also the colors were a more bright pink and green than I had expected but that made them even more close to my kind of colors so I was really happy. I couldn’t wait to get to show it to David when they left!


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I had ordered it in a large with hopes that it would cover me up and not be so short on the bottom, and that worked out just great. It also didn’t show off my muffin top which was awesome- even without the apron piece covering it, it didn’t look bad AT ALL. The costume is basically 2 pieces that consist of the dress part which is pink with the polka dots and the shear sleeves with pink and green ribbons that make like a corset at the top, and a green “apron” piece which has the pink carnations on it. The ribbons were a bit too long for me personally so I had david cut them off short and then make me a pretzel necklace for beerfest with one of the pink ones 🙂

The only thing I didn’t like.. which is not really a huge deal is where I got a large and well.. up top I am not so large and.. there was some gaping…but with a safety pin it wasn’t even an issue at all!

I am looking forward to wearing this costume in the future, maybe to another beerfest/oktoberfest and even for halloween. It is so versatile for me and I look forward to wearing it tons in the future. I truly did feel really cute and pretty in it, and all I had to add was a pair of white leggings and a flat pair of black shoes(which i have had FOREVER, are about a size too small and I have almost put in the yardsale several times lol). I am really happy with the colors and the fit and just the costume as a whole.



  1. Charli says

    It does look cute on you! Much cuter than it would on me, I can tell you that! LOL