REVIEW: Vollie Austin Toffee


I will be the first to admit that I am more of a Salty snack sort of person, over a person who likes sweets!  However, I do like the occasional something sweet so when I had a chance to get some toffee to try out for review, i was like sure send it to me! Especially since I have always liked toffee. Insert here that I had to explain to David it wasn’t TAFFY!When I first mentioned it that is what he thought I meant!

The toffee that I received to review is by Vollie Austin and it is available in 4 flavors: Original Recipe, Oregon Hazelnut, No-Nut Vanilla Bean, and Coffee Almond. I  was really happy to find out that even with all of my allergies that first of all they did have a no-nut variety and that luckily I can actually have any of the varieties because my nut allergies are to tree nuts like peanuts and cashews. Trying to pick a flavor  still wasn’t easy, but since I really am a huge vanilla fan I did go for the no-nut vanilla bean!


Before I get too much into what I thought about the actual toffee, this would be an excellent place to tell you about the company which has an awesome story and really makes the toffee special!

Vollie Austin is a small, family based company that makes their toffee in small batches by hand, and use local ingredients from Oregon( where they are located) when at all possible. The owner started making toffee with his Grandfather back in 1963 and hasn’t changed his technique at all! The small batches helps make sure that texture stays perfect with pouring and the whole process.

I have to say I think that I was most touched that there is a no-nut variety for those people who can’t have any sorts of nuts, or hazelnuts in general because the owners niece couldn’t have them and he didn’t want her to be left out of the families traditional treat! I know that I have missed out on tons of treats over the years from different allergies, mainly nuts! Thankfully my mom has been able to adapt things for me as well!Thankfully over the years there have been things that have helped her be able to make these adaptations more easy!

So, like I said I picked the No Nut Vanilla Bean and it is A M A Z I N G…. A M A Z I N G.. x 1000 Awesomesauce!  The ingredients in this toffee are pretty basic, and you won’t find any additives or preservatives! The Vanilla that is used is a fair trade product, as well as the the milk chocolate!It has an awesome consistency and it really doesn’t stick to your teeth like other toffees do!

You can tell that they put a lot of pride into the product and make it even more special by keeping it in the family and by making it in those small batches. I also like the whole local aspect as well!

I think that I can see that Vollie Austin toffee will be one of my SWEET guilty pleasures in the future! I can’t wait to try the other varieties and maybe even get some more of this Amazing Vanilla Bean that I have! I def. recommend you check out this toffee for yourself!