Review:CrunchMaster Crisps (Gluten and Peanut Free!)


I have been pegged a picky eater my whole life. I guess it is true in a way…but a lot of things I don’t eat are because A. when I was younger we had certain things I didn’t eat because of our religion, and I really have no desire to eat them now. The other big one is B. my food allergies. I am allergic to many things and some of them are more extreme than others..and a couple I have outgrown. Then you have C. the things that I just won’t eat.

So let’s go back to the allergy thing. One of my major allergies is a extreme extreme allergy to peanuts. I am serious when I say that 3 peanuts will kill me. I have been lucky and never gotten into anything with peanuts and I ALWAYS have benadryl(liquid) in my purse. I have often wondered if I should get an epi pen or something ? I am just always careful and I only eat food from people I trust for the most part! I just hated as a little kid people would act like I didn’t know what I was allergic to, I don’t know how many times people mixed it up and tried to act like I was allergic to CHOCOLATE instead of peanut butter!

About a month or so back, I got the chance to review some peanut (and gluten) free snacks by Crunchmaster and I was pretty excited. I know that on everything you seem to pic up it is on the label “may contain peanuts” …doesn’t make me feel so good about a lot of the foods out there but what can I really do? I could just quit eating about 90% of the things out there I guess! That would be a pain though. OR you could just find some replacement options for certain ones that are my most favorites?

Anyways this where we enter CrunchMaster Crisps! The crunchmaster line has lots of goodies, but for this review I got some products from the kids section, but well theres def. a little bit of kid in most anyone that I know.. especially me!

I received a package of both of the varieties in this line  which included grammy crisps(cinnamon and sugar). Both varities are made out of whole grains and have 50% less fat than your normal snacks. They also are saturated fat free and cholesterol free..and of course gluten and peanut free.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a sweet snack type of person. However, these grammy crisps were freaking amazing! David and I split the box in the first evening we had them! They were like…eating cinnamon toast crunch or something but even better, and of course better for you! They had the most awesome mix of cinnamon and sugar ratio, yum. just perfect is all that I can say. Even for a gal who isn’t into sweet snacks..

The cheese crackers I barely ended up getting a  taste of because David forgot they were for me to review, and he and his brother got into them one afternoon while playing a game on the ps3! I did get a few of them to get a general taste of. I guess if I had to compare them to something I would say a cheese nip? I am more into a darker cheese flavor cracker like cheez it (and laugh because in general I don’t even eat cheese period lol)  These were pretty good though!  Maybe if the boys hadn’t have gotten to them first then I could have got a better opinion of them! I think that they kind of actually reminded me of like a cheese flavored rice cake…

I really liked getting to try some new snacks that were peanut free , and that tasted really good to boot…which was even more awesome because they had the more healthy thing going on for them!

If you have a peanut free /and/ or gluten free life style then I highly recommend checking these crackers out!

I was provided 2 boxes of crunchmaster crackers in exchange for my honest opinions/review All opinions and ideas stated above are honest and my own. Your results may vary!