:::Revised::: What is Owed To Me: A new & edited Version

I have taken down the original post with screen caps because I don’t have the time to sit and edit screencaps. I have a house to keep up,reviews to write, and other things going on. This is more revised and updated. Again, if you take it upon yourself to post it on your own site, that is your decision. I am not responsible for the actions of others. I have t

thanks again for all the support everyone. means more than you could know.

I have recently fallen victim to a little bit of internet drama recently, not something I was interested in. As a former real life drama queen, I try to steer away and stay reformed lol.

A few months back I started posting some reviews at a site called review central. I thought it was an awesome idea/concept and would help me out with my site stats/etc.

I started out as a basic author, and then around the first of november they were looking for someone to take over the site for the month of november. I was interested, sounded like it was for me so I inquired about it. I was told that I would recieve 100 bucks in my paypal on Nov 1. Sounded like a deal to me!

I went to various sites and got a few new authors for the site. I also tweeted the bejeezus about the site. I posted 2 reviews every day (or every other day) as they were submitted/or they were written by me. I was moving at the time, but lo, and behold i’d sit down and be sure I kept up with the reviews.

Towards the end of the month things dwindled down quite a bit..which she understood/was fine with.
Nov 1 came and went with no money. I chalked it up to getting busy/etc and let it ride for a few days. I didn’t want to be confrontational (still don’t) so I just hinted about the money.

I was told that she’d be in touch with payment soon. 2 weeks passed. I didn’t hear a word from her or recive payment. I sent multiple emails that were never answered.

Then I checked out her blog..there were updates. I checked out eden fantasys and saw videos posted by her. I emailed Monday (13th) and nothing. I sent out a paypal invoice. nothing. I also sent out another email and two more paypal invoices. nothing.

She had also made a new site/twitter account that I found which was being VERY frequently updated…and here she was still not answering me?

I made a post on my site about the sittuation, and sent her another email stating that the post would go live on my site with screencaps of emails/site in 1hr. I didn’t hear from her and the post went public. I never said and still haven’t said anything about this sittuation that is not a direct fact. A few hours after the post went public I was contacted saying that it wasn’t her intention to not pay,etc and that she was having paypal problems. She would send me a money order! Sounded fine and dandy to me, so I took the post down. This was on the 18th of November (the thursday before thanksgiving)

I figured i’d recive this money order fairly quickly. By Monday/Tuesday of last week I was getting the idea that I wasn’t going to get it before thanksgiving. I was going to use this money for holiday travel/black friday purposes. I tried to contact her via twitter but no luck.

By Friday of last week I was starting to be very suspicious of the whole sittuation again.
I reposted my previous post on my blog on saturday. I asked people to read it, tweet /facebook about it if they felt the need. I just honestly want the word out there. I have tweeted the link several times since then.. got a few comments and lots of hits.

Today I got an email that shocked me to my very core. This is the direct quote of the email
“I have read your blog post and noticed that you do have my First and Last name visible as well as my email address which are all confidential information. I understand that you may be upset due to the circumstances. These technical issues are never predicted. Regardless, It is illegal for you to post confidential information about me according to the United Nations Declaration’s Article 12. I am requesting that you remove my personal and confidential information from your blog immediately. Also, it is slander to involve other communities such as other contributors of Eden Fantasys by using your blog and twitter. You cannot and should not involve outside sources. I understand that you may be upset and would like to spread the word, however, you cannot include my name and other websites of mine, my personal twitter account, and my other blogs that are not even related to Review Central. You can blog about me and the circumstances of Review Central, but all other sources must and should be removed from your post. I will continue to keep track of these accounts and blogs and will expect all of my personal information to be removed or I will be forced to take legal action. Thank you so much for you time.”

The girl is threatening to SUE me for SLANDER! I am likeo.k. whoa whoa whoa back up the truck here…Slander is when you talk crap about someone. Not when you just state the facts! She says I violated her protection rights under some law because I posted her last name/email address! That isn’t necessairly true either, because that is public domain information!

I feel that I am being BULLIED into taking down this post. I have taken it down for right now to appease her and take out her name and email address off of the screencaps.(edit:decided to not edit screencaps just make a new post..)

I don’t feel that me making a simple FACTUAL post on my own blog..tweeting a link to it and asking people to form their own opinion was anything wrong on my behalf.

I was also told that I am not ALLOWED to have other people get involved(tweeting blogging facebooking ) This is America. It is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If people want to help me spread the word, there are no laws against that!

I am pretty sure I will never see this money.

At this point, I just want the word out there so that other people know about this sittuation. Maybe I can save someone else from going through this same thing!

Ps: Other than the previous post that i took down this was never mentioned anywhere else on my blog except to say that I was hoping to get money I was owed. I also only ever tweeted the link to that post, and before nov 18 I never even mentioned anywhere WHO owed me money.


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    Honey, I don’t think you need to even explain yourself as to who owes you money. She entered into a contract with you and did not fulfill it, plain and simple.

    I have to say I’m glad that you said something and spoke up because people need to be aware of the type of person she is but I am sorry that you never got payment like she promised.

  2. says

    I don’t know the exact law over there, but I would assume with freedom of speech and you stating simple facts you can prove and not slander anyone she has no right to ask you to take it down. Especially if you hadn’t named her before the 18th. if she was the one coming forward, she’s the one that got her name out in the first place. Then it’s an all open season.

    And again freedom of speech, people are entitled to their opinion as long as they keep it within legal lines, otherwise people could be liable for causing distress or things like it. Isn’t that how the law goes?

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    I picked up on this over at Jenn’s, even did an entry regarding it on my site. What I said at Jenn’s pretty much sums up how I feel, but at the same time…Jenn’s link to Amanda’s Twitter is a non-existant account…and every blog involved promotes dildos, rotflmao.

    If they’re serious, they can put up a retainer. Too many people get ripped off. You live, you learn. 🙂

  4. Anon says

    She’s full of it. A defamatory blog posting would be libel, not slander. Libel is printed, slander is spoken.

    Like you said, if it’s true, it’s neither libel nor slander.

    I have no idea where on earth she would get the idea that her NAME and BLOG are confidential information. I don’t think she has a reasonable right to privacy for either of those things. Period. Her email address is a little bit sticker; unless it’s posted on her blog publicly, I wouldn’t post that.

    I’m not a lawyer, don’t have any legal training (aside from knowing the definition of libel and slander), and know that this woman’s completely full of it. Go after her, and kindly remind her of the definition of FRAUD.

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    Definitely do NOT let her bully you. You are doing nothing wrong and should not be intimidated by her. She is simply trying to take the heat off herself and put it on you. Do some research into how to get your money from her, even if it gets down to a legal issue. You did the work and you deserve to be paid for it, simple as that.

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    If she didn’t want her full name out there, she should have changed that on her email settings… my blogging email just says “Lucid Obsession” as my name. As far as posting a first and last name um… what the FUCK is a Telephone book then? Or any other form that lists people online.

    And just so we all know, I looked up Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.” You did nothing to promote an attack on her. You didn’t say, here’s the bitches email, send her spam! You just happened to post it. So I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. And another note on confidential information (from http://www.wipo.int/sme/en/documents/disclosing_inf.htm) the person must go to lengths to keep their information confidential. I also don’t feel websites or a personal Twitter account (that anyone can find with Google…) are confidential or any reason why you couldn’t include them.

    There really was no legal action she could do. But either way, any legal action would cost her well over the $100 she owes you.

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    I just read all of this over at Jenn’s blog, and this is just terrible. I’m sorry you’re going through this stress. =( What a nightmare. I really hope you get your money soon, hun. <3 xxxxxxxx

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    It isn’t slander if you can prove what you say is factual and it directly involves you. It is a personal account.
    Besides that… Slander suits are expensive. Thousands of dollars even if the person you go after doesn’t have a lawer themselves because you must prove not only that it is slander , but what damages are due. (as in what it cost the person) Sounds as if it cost them nothing.
    I don’t think you have anything to worry about on that front.