david said he will bring me a caramel sundae when he is on his way home from scotts... my throat feels like i have ate something i'm allergic feels swollen i suppose is the right word for it. for some reason i have hits from a place near me on this site. its not me... mine comes up from florida or some crap its just strange. to my knowledge NOOONE in real life knows of this sites link.especially noone from that area. anyways. i am watching season two of friends. duke was playing while ago and he threw his ball at me and it hit me in the side of the head lol. i always get hit by any ball that gets thrown. my feet are still freezing heres a picture of my baby ok well i'm out for now ciao … [Read more...]


I must be sleep deprived. I keep hearing whistling. and it sounds like the way my daddy whistles. of course I don't live with my parents, and he's at work right now. I dont know it just has me spooked! I have been cleaning in shadow's room (guest room) today. now I am gonna go get my laundry going and clean some in my & davids room and maybe downstairs. Perhaps i'll get some of my content up today too.... the day is young my friends! … [Read more...]