sleeping beauty

I basically slept from 6 last night till 10 this morning lol. oh well. I was gonna get up at 6 when david left for work but i was like screw it lol I did a basic run through of my transcription report and omg it sounds slurred/blurred whatever. I will work on it in spurts throught out the day and hopefully get it done. the test is just editing for this module. i hope the final is the same. the tests are easy one of them actually came from the book lol. I dont know if i've mentioned it lately but i have gained about 10-15lbs lately. i'm not very happy with it at all. its all in my stomach and nothing fits right anymore. i'm seriously begining to wish i wouldnt have gotten a belly button ring because now it just looks stupid with all the muffin top going on. i think my new years resolution is gonna be to loose back down to where i was or pretty close to it. i never thought in one million years i'd be worrying about loosing weight. also with all the hormonal changes i've had the past … [Read more...]


thursday I spent all day after class in bed with "flu" symptoms (ie my muscles were hurting) friday i didnt really do anything( having brain freeze remembering friday? ? lol) yesterday I had my yardsale. but it rained. so i only made about 30 bucks :( since sometime last week i've been having problems with my left foot/leg/ankle area.its so bad I just hobble around and limp. i have no insurance so.. just gotta deal with it. i cant hardly walk though so that sucks. and it hurts even when i'm just sitting around :( you know iwth me if its not one thing, its another lol we are having an makeup day for the yardsale on oct 18 or 25 i'm not sure which. i'm backed up on getting my 365 pics up. comemnting. etc. anyways wanted everyone to know i'm still around more latter nichole … [Read more...]

duke /365/ update :)

duke is sleeping @ my feet and shadow is over in the corner chillin' on his mat. I dont care as long as they arent in eachothers faces ! I've been doing well with the project 365. so far I do have a pic for every day, i just havent put them on the section here on the site but they are on flickr. I really want a pro flickr account. more than a website host lol. my hair is BLAH this week. my parents werent at home this weekend so i'm doing the curly troll thing this week. I probably wont get to go there until next sunday, because I can't leave the dog here by hisself yet, and then saturday is the apple festival... I gotta figure something out though. it looks like shit. I did some link exchanges last monday & tuesday and now i am going around trying to find some more and comment at those. I feel bad when I did that and never got around to commenting at their sites because of me being gone wed. and then getting the dog thurs. things are getting back to normal though so i'm happy … [Read more...]