up early

I am up at 5 a.m because david has to go in to work 1hr early m-thurs this week so he can make up time where they are off on friday. he is the only "new boy" so he won't get paid for the fourth, so this will make up for it. I actually have energy which is something rare and unheard of for me. I am working on this site, I really wish I could have a regular site, but this is doing what I basically want to do....I even tried to edit my old layout in Expression Web and it wouldnt work. in other words if I did have a site, i'd have to install frontpage Anyways, I am working on this site so keep checking back. also today I am going to work on my text entry homework, clean upstairs before it gets hot, and .... who knows ? lol. anyways latter xxnicholexx … [Read more...]