i’m on my little soapbox..

if you read this / comment you deserve cookies lol I made a tweet last night that I was about ready to tell someone off. I continued a few minutes later mentioning it was David's dad. I however didn't manage to tweet the reset of the story. Lets rewind back about 2 years or so ago. Right after David's mom left his dad. We were living with my mom and dad when this first happened. David loaned his dad $400 for a security deposit so he could move to another apartment place. Key word there is LOANED. At the time his dad was working less than 20hrs a week at the car wash and even less when it rained/threatened to rain and/or they got sent home. Not long after he moved he lost the job at the car wash. he made it through a few months where he had got his tax money back and whatnot. Then he had to let it all go and move to the mountains with his brother since he didn't have money and we sure as heck wouldn't keep him or davids mom wasn't going to take him back! Fast forward to … [Read more...]

one step in the right direction

I started a little bit more on the journey towards taking care of my "Drama" last night! 9 more of these classes and 4 other meetings and ONE part of it will at least be taken care of. I have until Feb 17 to get it all done, so at least I don't have to feel rushed. Luckily on the 4 meetings David gets to go with me, so I kind of am feeling better about things. :) I'm going to do my best to get it all done ASAP though.. The weather is SO PRETTY OUT. I could probably get away with opening the windows if I really wanted to! I have to keep an eye on Sam if I do though because he sometimes tries to climb on the screens..I know if he fell from the upstairs window he'd land on his feet but still.. :) First Day of Fall on Saturday!! I am SO SO EXCITED ... :) well I just wanted to write a few lines. ... maybe i'll be back in a bit and even do a Wordless Wed? We'll see! … [Read more...]

oh hai there pinterest!

*waves* Today is A. Monday and B. Dreary!! So, Sam & I have been burrowed in the bed a lot more than usual today! He's my cuddly little furry sleep enabler! :) I woke up at 4 a/m with a bit of a panic attack & earache which sucked but in all honesty all I had to do today was wash a load of clothes and clean sams box. I am also working on 2 reviews..one for here one for grits. I need to get some peoples reviews up on grits..OY!! lol. I haven't quite got my schedule back on track just yet. David and I have been confusing weekend Days and instead of going to my moms on saturdays so he can watch football all day on sundays we've been going to my moms on sundays. UGH! We should get back on track this weekend that way I can make some time to get my self back in gear with this site! I really hate that right when I was so inspired to get things going something sucked all the life out of me... I finally dragged myself on pinterest for the first time in.. weeks.. maybe even a month or … [Read more...]

the married boring folk

*Waves* This has been the fastest weekend ever to me for some reason! Friday we went to play pool and David drug his dad and bro over there and then brought him home with us :( I was pretty not happy about that...but whatever. We came home and played wii sports (golf & bowling) I didn't go to be till like 2 a/m! Yesterday I went to the Apple Festival but It never pans out the way I want to. It's like since we live in town, we walk all the way up there, and by the time we get there i'm wore out let alone trying to walk all through town and back home! Meh! David went to the movies with his dad and bro and I took a nap. Last night we watched tv and just hung out. Ah, the life of boring married folk no? Today we went to my moms for a little bit and... well now we are watching football.. I am sure I will have plenty of dishes and work to catch up that I didn't do this weekend! … [Read more...]

A Fall Weekend!

I started a post about couponing & such from yesterday that I never managed to get up.. go figure lol. The short of it is that I didn't take any pics AGAIN.. Seriously I know it's like How hard is it to set up stuff and take pics right? I usually work to get stuff put up fast because of sam being in everything, trying to seperate my moms stuff out of my stuff and she helps me with putting stuff away! Hopefully I can manage to get back into the picture taking habit sooner than later! Today is dragging dragging dragging! I tend to wake up earlier on weekends (but thankfully I actually sleep straight through and don't wake up at 5:30 a/m) so I got up around 9, and we went and ate at the grille at 11. I came home and talked to david some while he shaved then around 1:30 I decided to nap and then around 3:30 got up. I have enough coffee to perk me up for the rest of the day I think. I know we might go up to the pool place later tonight because it is Dance/Karaoke/Date night or whatever … [Read more...]