Spring & Pollen & Fun Times

Hey Everyone! This week is FLYING by! Is it seriously already Thursday? Goodness! I am up and semi-going this morning! I am meeting up with an itworks gal that lives close by to pick up some wraps today, so that is fun. I have to get David to get some money and bring to me at lunch. I am pretty excited about it :) I also HOPE HOPE HOPE to start tanning today or tomorrow. This is probably the latest I ever started but I kind of figure the later in the year I start the more through the summer I can go and the cheaper it will be? lol I am making lots of positive changes in my life, like I wrote before last week. I did kind of have a failure with the main aspect I am working on, but I am back on track now :) I am drinking TONS of water too lol. Trying to get myself in gear and be healthier and happier with myself in general...which I have been doing good on the happy.. I think this is the first winter I have made it through in a long time I didn't totally fall off the radar in the … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday #TBT #throwbackthursday : Me & My First Cat (Tom) Edition


This is me and my cat tom from when I was a little girl. I am about 3 in this pic. Yes.. he is almost impossible to see because he was solid black except for the smidgen of white on his throat, and lets face it we didn't have digital photos back in the day. This pic actually when it was scanned makes him a bit easier to see than the printed version!  He was an awesome first cat! He was actually my uncles cat but he ran away to my house because there were other cats kicking his butt! My dad started feeding him fresh milk and he toughened up and he was quite the fellow! I used to carry him all the time .. I can always hear in my head my dad telling me to "put him down, he's a cat , let him walk " lol. … [Read more...]

Oh Wonky Tummy!

Hey there Everyone! Hope things are going great for everyone.. things here are alright! I kind of messed up on that thing I was trying to do better with..but it's good I can start over :)I actually did pretty well with it before I made my oopsie :)I might reveal it someday I promise.. :) I have to have some mystery about me right? :) Yesterday I ended up getting SO SICK from eating POTATOES.. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE potatoes in any form, so for me to get sick from them who even knows. I am not really sure though that it was the potatoes that made me sick.. I just know I was eating them and when I was through it was almost instant nausea and such. I spent most of the day trying to fight it off.. I had chills and a low grade headache too! My tummy is still kind of wonky today .. honestly I could go for some broth and warm ginger ale and toast.. and I might just have that for dinner lol. At this point I am not sure WHAT is up for dinner. I kinda had hoped we could go eat … [Read more...]

Tuesday 10- Oh It has been a while- This one is about DIY OH LORD :D


Ok Well.. Technically BE society isn't "active" /"around" anymore but ...I still have that cute text graphic and I wanted to use it! Most of the gals who are in the group that still do Tuesday 10 are BE gals so.. I think no one will be offended for me to keep using the logo.. until my lazy self makes a new one :D I don't have premium picmonkey anymore and yes, this font I love and I think it was a premium one.. As we ALL very WELL know I don't DIY or be CRAFTY or CREATIVE In any sort of way.. but I want to play along so just stick with me and we will see if I can come up with a few.. let alone 10 lol 1. I got some REALLY nice collage style frames for a late christmas present.. I would like to print out some pics and hang them up :) 2. I would love to make a recipe notebook out of pages I have been tearing out of magazines :) I need a binder and some page protectors.. 3.I would like to start doing digital collages again. let me try to explain. I used to spend HOURS making … [Read more...]

Happy April/Spring and A more positive me all around I hope :)

So I am on this whole perk up and make something of myself and my blogging and what not. Thanks to church on Sunday.. it kind of brought me into a different light with some things. Of course I do have the blues a little bit too but I am working on a few things that are kind of more behind the scenes to help me "on the scene" I guess is how to say it! I would write a little more details on something I am working on , on a VERY personal level but I don't feel that it is worth bringing up at this point in a public setting. I think maybe because it is finally spring I feel this feeling to take care of myself more, be in better spirits and all that good thing! I hope it bodes good things for not only me, david and my family but the blogs and what not as well :) The highlight of my week for me is going to be going to church! I am hoping to go Friday evening, even though we are having the same sermon the entire weekend.. I just kind of have my heart set on Friday for some reason. I also … [Read more...]