emotional roller coaster- but i’m in a good mood!


Hey Everyone I am just a bundle of emotions this morning, and I really don't know why! I am not in a "bad mood" or anything I just.. seems like I keep getting different vibes every few seconds and it is throwing me for a loop! Too much going on in my head I guess, and some things I just don't like to write about on the blog (no it doesn't have anything to do with me & david if that is what you wondered- things there are just peachy!) just random stuff that is nothing to really no one but myself I guess! I thought my mom was going to go out and about some today but i'm not sure if she is at this point or not. I missed tanning sunday (If I had my lotion with me when we went to brunch I could have went after - the tanning bed is like right beside of the place- I just wasn't thinking) Yesterday I just didn't want to go and .. i'm pretty well in that boat today so.. yeah. .. it won't hurt if I miss a few days anyways so..yeah... Today I don't have a whole lot planned- just the … [Read more...]

Trying to while away the hours this spring & summer :)


Hey Everyone well.. I think I have finally made a decision of what I will be doing other than blogging this spring/summer! Not that I am totally quitting blogging or anything but things have been really super slow and just in case things don't pick up... well ... I want to have a back up plan :)I hope to still write some ramblings here and there, tie it in with some coupon haul /deal posts and maybe even some writing prompts post here and there as well :) So really not much will change on that front .. just hope to get more into things at some point ..just maybe at some point the future reviews will pick up again but i'm not going to rush it . I usually like a nice summer project... heck that is how I got started with BE all those years ago. However, I really don't feel like doing a blogging group /project again because I know how that always ends you know? Back in the day I used to spend my summers making blogs/and of course you know I started out with soap opera sites. You also … [Read more...]

Flowers & My First Sunday Brunch


Saturday David and I had a nice lunch thanks to my $10 publix gift card- the whole chicken tenders subs are on sale right now for $4.99 so I basically only had to pay taxes :) Late Saturday evening I decided to go tanning because I figured I wouldn't want to go on Sunday if the weather was supposed to be like they were calling for. While I was tanning David got me this pretty rose:   David had been telling me for a few days that this local restaurant out by the tanning bed that is quite fancy (which I laugh because I remember when it was blockbuster ha ha ) - anyways he was telling me they have a Sunday Brunch and I was like no they don't - they only do that on occasions like Easter & Mothers day- I had not found anything that showed they did it any other time on their website. Anyways, yesterday morning it popped up on facebook that they had made a post Saturday night about come join us for our Brunch.. and it had a video showing some of the goodies... so I called … [Read more...]

Friday the 13th CVS & Publix Coupon Deals


Hey Everyone Well ... My mom & I managed to get out and about on Friday- Friday the 13th none the less lol... We hit up CVS & Publix!  Pretty much a few of the deals we were going to do at CVS they were out of stock (Gliss & Persil and I think there was something else) They were expecting a truck with these things but of course they weren't sure when. CVS Transaction #1 2 Physcians Formula 2 Arizona Green Teas (2 for $5) Total before coupons and extra bucks:$45.02 Total After coupons and extra bucks: $3.64 Received $7 in extra bucks for future purchase 96% savings *not pictured 1 bag Hershey candy (I had a $10 off $25 on Physcians Formula and a 30% off of my total transaction- excluding sales items) CVS Transaction #2 10 bottles of fructis products Before coupons and extra bucks $50.21 After coupons $4.01 Also got $10 gift card for this purchase *also purchased one bag of Hershey gold candy not pictured Publix Transaction Total … [Read more...]

Get 300 bonus SB when you sign up for Swagbucks in April


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Very Short & Sweet!


Hey Everyone Well.. I think I am almost recovered from that nasty cold I had! Last week was just a blur of movies , cuddling in bed with my fur folks and sleeping.  I only spent 2 full days in bed I think it was- I had sore ribs/lungs was totally drained and yeah.. I did manage to keep up with things around the house so that was nice at least I didn't get too behind you know? As far as online I really don't have anything much going on except one review and the girl isn't hunting me down or anything so I think i'm o.k :) I haven't really been out and about so I don't have any coupon posts to do- I mean we did a trip to Publix where we did really well but I don't really have it broken down so I don't know if i'll bother posting or not! I don't really have a lot to write, but I did want to take a few minutes and check in :) Hopefully I can post something more here in a little while! … [Read more...]