Do you communicate differently online than you do in person? #sitsgirls #sitsgirlswritingprompt


Image & Prompt courtesy of the sits girls! I sometimes use these writing prompts to spice up my daily ramblings & such, and the sits girls are an awesome blogging resource in general. To find out more about click the picture! I thought this topic was pretty interesting- even to the extent of do I act different online/come across different online than I do in person. I actually have a mixed opinion about all of the above. In some ways I am the same ole me anyway you cut it, but I think online kind of makes a lot of people a little more pushy, a little more "brave" and that kind of thing too. I know that in real life I wouldn't push some things as much as I do online and I would be more of a pushover. I know in general I am a pushover and I have had to come to the point where i have to stand up a little bit more for myself and not let people get the better of me. I also seem to put up with annoying people and people that I don't really like a lot better online than I would … [Read more...]

So Much to do, So so little time!


Hey Everyone Well.. This week is getting gone in a hurry! Oh, and David is off of work tomorrow because he has to go to the DR and get the car serviced- I think we have had it done only once and by the book that came with the car we didn't even have enough miles even now for it to be twice but.. it doesn't hurt either lol.  I guess I should have got up early this morning and done a few things but David won't be home too awful much tomorrow since he'll be running around getting things done so I will still pretty much have tomorrow to do things!  You all know how I generally lazy around on the weekends? well I am not going to be able to keep doing that with the gift guide reviews! I also still have several things with this theme that I haven't checked out just yet like a pinterest thing on the side bar and different share buttons and several other things that I can't think of off top of my head. I need to fix the signature at the bottom of my posts since photo bucket apparently … [Read more...]

Online Skill Development

Guide to developing new skills online The Internet has brought a tremendous opportunity to learn to the broader public. In the past, people had to visit libraries, enroll in formal courses or spend substantial money on books to gain knowledge, but this has all changed. Now, anyone with an Internet connection has access to vast amounts of information, much of it available free of charge. Internet learning comes in many forms, from easy-to-digest content that is free of charge to challenging information that requires payment. No matter what your learning goals are, the Internet has something to offer you. Online learning can be practiced as a hobby for filling in free time or can be taken more seriously, with many people completing advanced degrees entirely online. How online resources help you build skills One major change that the Internet has brought to learning is the ways in which you can learn. Online learning is not restricted to reading and studying in the traditional … [Read more...]

5 Common Mistakes That All New Dog Owners Make


If you’ve recently adopted a dog or have plans to do so, then chances are you’ve probably done a little bit of research on how to take care of it. However, that’s not to say that you’re fully prepared. After all, taking care of another living creature is a lot of hard work and if you’re not fully prepared for the role, then it’s going to be a rough ride.   So to smooth out the learning experience, we’ve compiled a list of five common mistakes that pretty much every dog owner makes at some point in their life—especially new ones! As long as you look out for these mistakes and try your best not to do them too many times, you’ll quickly learn how to become a great dog owner. Source   Your dog’s position in the family   It seems cruel to put your dog at the bottom of the family, but you need to remember that your dog has to be trained and well-behaved if they want to become a part of your family. Don’t put your dog above anyone even if it’s an … [Read more...]

things are perking up- gift guide and otherwise :)


Hey Everyone Well I had every intention to write a blog post yesterday- even up till almost 1030 last night I was still going to try but I had so much going on I just had to forgo it, and go to bed too! Yesterday was a really good day as far as blogging/pitches/gift guide- and you might have noticed a new pinned post above the Holiday Gift Guide post- If you haven't yet let me just spoil the news- I got the opp to go to myrtle beach for a 3 night stay in exchange for review! I am pretty excited about it- I had all but given up on getting another hotel stay- even though I had the one in the past and you would think it would make it easy to do another- it has took me almost 3 years to get the chance to do it again! I am pretty excited that it will be in a different setting and at a different type of hotel as well- even though I had the chance to do one similar to before- I actually had a choice , so that was awesome as well! It was funny because I had pretty much gave up on … [Read more...]

Nichole and David’s Myrtle Beach Adventure Fall 2017 #myrtlebeach #sponsorswanted


I am very excited to say that I will be doing another sponsored trip here on the blog! This has been 3 years (give or take) in the making, and I had all but given up and decided to give it another go- because I don't give up very easily! I have got a lot of NO's along the way, but it just pushed me even further!  Of course my last trip was to TN and it was really awesome, for the learning experience that it gave me when it comes to doing these kind of sponsored opps!   This time around I am hoping that everything goes a little smoother- last time I was sick the first day of the trip, David had just started having anxiety attacks (we didn't know what was going on at that time) and I overbooked our activities, and it was unseasonably hot! It isn't to say we didn't enjoy that trip because we did.. I am just hoping for good health all around and a little less stress :) I am putting this post up as a pinned post with my sponsors until after the trip- and I will be doing a few … [Read more...]