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Hey Everyone Well..the weekend came and went and it doesn't even feel like I had one!  Saturday David played that mario odyssey game most of the morning and we went to eat at Shomars (First time we had ate out in like 2 weeks!) David had a bad headache most of the day and I kept telling him it was from eye strain from playing that game so much but he wouldn't listen! Yesterday he played more mario and then we had a late lunch and then the race- I took a short nap and man that race was forever long!  By the time it was over we had just a little bit of time to watch random stuff and get ready for bed! You don't know how bummed I was to figure out that the time changes next weekend! UGH!! I know, I used to love that time change but now that I am older I HATE HATE HATE it. The day drags, and when its time to go to bed it is so much harder for me because it feels so much earlier..Yeah.. not looking forward to that, and it will be dark when David leaves for work and when he gets … [Read more...]

Fun Festive Crafts For All the Family


Image Credit: Pixabay   It’s coming up to the festive season and there are all sorts crafty things you could make with your family. Learning a new craft is always a fun thing to do with your children and with so many crafts to choose from, there is sure to be something they love.   Here are a few crafts that are great for doing with your kids to help them learn new skills and make something amazing. And, even better, what you make will be ideal for beautiful personalised Holiday gifts. Paper Craft Paper snowflakes are a great craft for the festive season. Cheap, easy and so beautiful to hang up around the house, kids love making paper snowflakes. All you need to do is cut a circle of paper and fold it into segments. While still folded, use scissors to make small cuts, being careful to leave gaps between each cut. When you unfold it again, you will have a beautiful paper snowflake. Try experimenting with different patterns for a nice variety. Knitting If you … [Read more...]

Press Release:FALL in love with Myrtle Beach, SC – Vacation Myrtle Beach properties roll out autumn specials


This is NOT a sponsored post. I do sometimes post press releases for select partners that I have worked with in the past when I find them to be relative to my blog & its readers! I also selectively will offer free promotions for charities ,etc every now and then as well! When I received this press release from my good friends at Vacation Myrtle Beach, well I had to post it. I also have no reason to disagree with the sentiment that fall is the most wonderful time of the year to visit Myrtle Beach- because the only time that I have ever visited Myrtle Beach it has been Fall! Of course I love fall in general, but basically you are avoiding all the hustle and bustle and crowds and you can take time to truly enjoy yourself and navigate around easier! FALL IN LOVE WITH MYRTLE BEACH, SC Vacation Myrtle Beach Properties Roll-Out Autumn Specials MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., October 17, 2017– Vacation Myrtle Beach, one of the largest hotel groups in the Myrtle Beach area, featuring 14 … [Read more...]

Busy Little Bee, Me!


Hey Everyone Well I have worked my little butt (or big whichever way you want to say it lol) getting that Nectar review up this morning. I had hoped to get that done by November 1st at the latest, and by tomorrow if I could .. and well I DID IT :) Now I will be getting back into Holiday Gift Guide stuff! Right now I am trying to grab a quick bite of lunch (hasbrowns with hot sauce lol) and figure out what in the world else I want to get into today. I know that I had the idea of updating a few sub pages since I did so good with my media kit so we will see - also I need to clean off some files on this computer (the baby mac) and maybe even work on getting some of the old laptop cleaned off and backed up - + I have things in the house as always that can be done.. oh and I really need to shave and do my hair so it isn't like I don't have options! I actually forgot there for a few minutes that I needed to get my Salsa chicken in the crockpot! Thankfully, I remembered just in time :) … [Read more...]

Review: Nectar Mattress & Pillows #ad #sponsored #review #nectarsleep


this post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase I may receive incentives such as monetary payment, gift cards,or other perks/incentives. ME & Sleep & Various Beds I have had! I know that one topic I tend to write about is my sleep habits- and they are off the chart and never the same two nights in a row! I have done a bit better than I used to, but I generally get into this whole I'll sleep when I am tired and I'll stay up when I'm awake- no matter what the clock says, and that tends to actually be my best practice! I just don't stick to it because of wanting to get dark hours sleep (always the best!) and wanting to go to bed when David does most of the time as well.  Oh and I love naps of course, but that has became something I rarely get to do! Over the years I have had a few different types of beds- ranging from a water bed ( I slept in it for at least 10 years) Then I got a daybed as my first regular bed, but I didn't have it … [Read more...]

Burnt By A Straightening Brush, Melted Shoes & Other Beach Tales! #myrtlebeach #beachtales


I had originally planned this to be a post with pics, but with the interest of just getting this up -and I am being a bit lazy I don't feel like combing facebook for pictures right now- so that will be a separate post later on perhaps! Just realize that the last several posts I have done that were related to the trip were pretty chock full of pics- and there are not too awful many left to share I don't think but like I say just stay tuned and I'll try to get them up sooner than later :) I had some random things that happened that were kinda odd/funny and I wanted to tell you about them! seriously they sound like BAD things but I took them to be funny and random after the fact lol So this is not a post of complaining or anything like that! Oh, and I met some nice people at a bar too ha ha. First of all Saturday morning before we left for the trip (we left Sunday) I went to the bathroom and when I walked in,there was all this orange foam in the floor and I was like WHAAT? Turns out … [Read more...]