brought to you by the letter H for Hurricane (thanks #irma)


Hey Everyone Well.. I was out with Marley, and getting ready to get myself out to Aldi & Walmart just as soon as David gets home and he had sent me some messages about the quarry and they don't know what they gonna do about working next week because of this hurricane and stuff and I am like seriously?I don't even think they can make that kind of call yet because the weather people can't even tell what is going on really just yet, and it might just be bad rain or something in our area. If something were to happen and they don't have work next week guess what goes bye bye for us? That trip to Myrtle Beach , because David doesn't have much vacation left, and he would have to take the days he does have left for the storm :( I am crossing my fingers and toes that this doesn't become the case!  He kind of got me a bit worried though about making an evacuation plan and stuff too- Heck, I don't even know if he managed to get gas or what that situation is-' I actually had media … [Read more...]

Panic in the south


Hey Everyone Well, I am thinking about taking today as a "lazy day" in the blogging world because I have done so well this week! 5 reviews in 2 days is nothing to sneeze at! I could likely get up at least 2-3 more today and you never know with me I still might!  I am currently kind of a little stressed because everyone in the south has went into sheer panic with this storm coming in- and my mom like to never got gas in her car while ago- we had thought the gas shortage/rush was over because we had one last weekend too...which changed all of everyones plans with travel and whatnot. I know my mom had mentioned early they were gonna go to my grandmas this weekend, but now maybe not. I had briefly considered going with them .. Anyways, I don't know how much gas we had in the car- I think  it was over half a tank and we won't be going any further on our own this weekend than walmart or my moms but I would still feel better if we had a full tank you know? My mom said people were … [Read more...]

5 Landscaping Ideas Your Pets Will Love

  Many pets are often viewed as part of the family. As a result, you want them to enjoy the yard as much as you do. After all, you don't have to be human to appreciate the value of well-developed landscaping. You may find the animals loving your yard more than you do. Here are five landscaping ideas that your furry friends may cherish. Fountains It can get hot out there when you're walking around in a fur coat all day. Installing a pet-sized drinking fountain is a good way to keep cool, hydrated and add visual appeal to the yard. you could go so far as to make the drinking fountain look like a miniature waterfall, which may "wow" the neighbors. Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass It's difficult to keep grass from dying out. Whether it's from the sun and heat or due to your pet finding a place to relieve him or herself, a green lawn is hard to maintain. With pet-friendly artificial grass, the yard stays green permanently while being easy to clean. Some brands are so … [Read more...]

Wood Smoke & Soup on a cool dreary day!


Hey Everyone Well I managed to knock out 3 reviews today so that took me up to 5 total! I am pretty appeased by that number but I had hoped for maybe one or two more! considering I had to take pics, and then I had to do a few things around the house, make dinner and go to walmart for a order pick up, it is all good! When I got back I started browsing on a website that I might be doing a review for and I am actually still doing that because it is a clothes site I pitched forever ago and they have really cute vintage stuff among other things. They actually have the mermaid tail blanket I want too so.. lots of choices! I made my THE Soup for dinner and it was awesome. It was such a cool rainy fall day and I was in love. I was extra excited to walk out and for some reason I could smell wood smoke and that is absolutely one of my favorite scents EVER .. I thought at first I was imagining it/wishful thinking but I did smell it. For some reason this made me think of my rooster That i … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Review: Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy #ad #sponsored #review #taffytown


As you may or may not have noticed, David and I are going on a trip to Myrtle Beach next month! I haven't been to the beach since like 1999 and David hasn't been since before that, so we are looking forward to it greatly of course- even more so since it will be our first trip to the beach together as well, awww! The very same day that I got confirmation of my hotel and had sat everything into motion I got an email about reviewing something that was so related it was so ironic: Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy! I was like you talk about meant to be right? I hadn't had salt water taffy for a long time. I know you can usually find it randomly at the stores around here but that has kind of always been one of those beach things for me but when I was browsing their site and saw all the awesome flavors I knew I wanted to work with them- and we can always get some taffy while we're away too if we want to, but I don't think we'll be needing any, because all together I received 5lbs of taffy … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Review: VivaJennz Wine Purse & Glasses #ad #review #sponsored #thefunisundertheflap


Ya'll probably gather I am a fan of wine if you have poked around any on the blog, read any of my social media profiles or even over there on the side bar under my picture it says so :)I have wrote several wine reviews here on the site over the years (and other alcohol ones- but mostly wine ones) and even reviewed a couple of accessories over time. Goodness knows I love my wine fridge I got last year more than words can express! Another thing that I LOVE that kind of always has been one of my little "things" is purse. I think I have mentioned this before- I used to play a game with one of my uncles girlfriends called"pocketbooks" and I don't know what exactly it involved but I remember it by name!  I also have always been known to rarely ever leave the house without a purse! I have tubs and tubs and even a few boxes and big tote bags full of purses- I used to change at least once a week when I used to go to school, but now I am lucky if I change them once a month because they aren't … [Read more...]