im not quite leaving the beach posts behind just yet!


Hey Everyone Are you all ready for me to "leave the beach" yet? ha ha I know I have brought you a ton of posts about the beach and managed to get up all 5 reviews (and in a span of about 24 hours to boot- but 2 days basically!) I was pretty shocked too- especially with the length and putting in a few rambles posts here and there! I have ONE more beach post to put up and that is my little Melted Shoes & Other random tales post - and I am hoping to put in some pics in that post too!  I will likely get it up later this week. I kind of took the weekend and yesterday off from blogging and somehow another I managed this morning to knock out something I wanted to get off of my elusive to do list- I updated my Media Kit!! I found a template on Canva and just went with it and well- now it should be tons easier to edit in the future! Oh, and to find a square logo of my logo took me FOREVER! David and I had discussed for a while using our windows laptop only as a server for our … [Read more...]

Press Release:Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Beach Walk & Family Fun Day! November 4 2017


This is NOT a sponsored post. I do sometimes post press releases for select partners that I have worked with in the past when I find them to be relative to my blog & its readers! I also selectively will offer free promotions for charities,etc every now and then as well! When I was at Myrtle Beach a few weeks back,  I actually remember seeing about this event at Hotel Blue when I was checking in, and I also remember seeing it posted at several other places I was at around the area. My mom had a lump in her breast when she was about 12 weeks pregnant with me actually! She had been told she couldn't have children, gave away all the stuff she had saved for a baby and found out she was pregnant with me- then shortly after found the lump. They actually did surgery on her while she was pregnant- they gave her some sort of pill that "put me to sleep" and then thankfully it was an easy surgery and that lump came back benign! PRESS RELEASE: Vacation Myrtle Beach Is Partnering with … [Read more...]

T.I.G.E.R.S Doc Antle’s Myrtle Beach Safari #review #ad #sponsored #myrtlebeachsafari


I  would like to say if you are a person who might have something less than nice to say about this experience - about the treatment of the animals, etc I can understand your concerns, and you are certainly entitled to them! I am writing based off of my experiences and what I saw when I was there and I have no reason to believe that these animals are mistreated in any sort of manner. In case you didn't know, in October of 2017 I got an awesome trip to Myrtle Beach S.C and pretty early on in the planning stage, I got connected with an experience to review that I never thought would be something that I would ever get to do- T.I.G.E.R.S(the institute for endangered and rare species) also known as Doc Antle's Myrtle Beach Safari! I had saw this when I was looking for things to do when we were at Myrtle Beach, so when I had the opportunity to do it I literally rushed to email back and say yes!  This is for most people a bucket list item, and it is truly a once in a lifetime experience- I … [Read more...]

Vacation Myrtle Beach Hotel Blue Review #review #sponsored #ad #hotelbluemb #vacationmyrtlebeach


So.. In case you haven't been following along.. or haven't looked around on the main page.. I went on this big trip to Myrtle Beach October 8-12th! It all came together very nicely, and of course the foundation of getting the trip together was finding a hotel- then the rest came from there!  I was lucky enough to get 3 of my 4 nights at the hotel in exchange for review thanks to the lovely folks at Vacation Myrtle Beach. (The extra night came into play because I had the Myrtle Beach Safari (T.I.G.E.R.S) for Monday and had to be there really super early!) If you are interested in a little bit more background of how everything came together and such, you can check out this post I wrote with that sort of information: How My Myrtle Beach Trip Came Together! It has all kinds of good information! So I picked Hotel Blue from a list of about 14 different hotels that Vacation Myrtle Beach represents! Of those 14, they out right own 3 of the hotels including Crown Reef Resort , Hotel Blue, … [Read more...]

keeping the writing spirit up today (I hope so anyways!)


Hey Everyone Well After I was so darn rambly yesterday it was hard for me to wind down and go to bed. I actually was drinking a beer after 11 on a week night (i'm bad I know!) I had actually considered staying up and keeping up my good work but .. my comfy bed won in the end :) I just hate that because David was so busy yesterday evening that we didn't get to watch any t.v. together. We have been bingeing Roseanne on Amazon for a month or so now! He had ended up wanting to go to gamestop and of course I was in my big writing mood- Oh and I Had washed my hair and there was no way I was going anywhere with a wet head so.. he ended up bringing me a sub back from Firehouse and they actually OMG made it the way I ORDERED it this time! I have half of it laid out on the counter getting room temp so I can have it for lunch- as far as dinner goes i'm gonna make that leftover soup I was talking about and i'll likely finish up the last Hobo meal since I didn't yesterday! I haven't had … [Read more...]

The writing bug found me! :)


Hey Everyone Well.. I have knocked down some posts today! 3 reviews, a mini review(part one of the hotel review) and 3 ramble posts if you count this one! I am about to take a chill pill though I believe... It is almost 9 and I need to wind down a smidge.. but I might sit here and see what I can churn out on the 2 reviews I have left- I totally am shocked - I didn't think I would get any done at all this week and figured i'd be more into next week before I even got started- and figured it would be more towards the end of the month before they all got up so I am VERY happy with myself. If I can get the Hotel & TIGERS done by Friday that would pretty much put me one week post trip (I don't count Thursday - I didn't get back until late afternoon and then had to stalk the post office for a package, pick up the dog and get settled lol) and that would be AMAZING(oh and you can't count the weekend.. right? ha ha) but WOWZERS I am darn proud of myself today for sure. You know though … [Read more...]