Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Review: Butcher Box #ad #review #sponsored #butcherbox


There are affiliate links used in this post. If you purchase something after clicking the links I will receive an incentive of $25 in credit from the sponsor! the official gift guide post/page (or both- i have not decided yet) is not live just yet but this will be included there when it is here soon! I have been working on it, but I need to tweak it!   You all probably know by now, if you have been reading the blog for any amount of time- that my favorite reviews generally tend to be those that involve food or kitchen goodies in some way! I don't consider myself to be a great cook or anything- I mean I do a good job, don't get me wrong,but when I get the chance to review anything related to the kitchen I get really excited! When I had the chance from Butcher Box to review a box of their premium grass fed meat, I could not say YES fast enough! My only problem was deciding which one of their boxes I wanted! Choices, Choices! Butcher Box is a subscription box for meat! … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Review: DeskCycle #review #ad #sponsored #giftguide #deskcycle


Special Note: My actual gift guide post is not up just yet, but this will be featured there and linked back to this post when it goes live :) (it should be up this week sometime I hope- I kind of had it the way I wanted it but it needs tweaked a bit!) I admit that I do not do a great job with committing to try to exercise and get into some sort of shape- or at least enough to be considered healthy and maybe give myself more energy and whatnot, but I am always on the look out for things that I think might inspire me! David and I do have a fitness room here at the apartment place but they really don't have a whole lot going on in there! We tried the gym, but it is just extra money that we don't need to spend especially with having the fitness room, plus we couldn't really be consistent with it because of David's work schedule.Every now and again I get a whim and go walking around the apartment place with Marley, but with the heat here in the South we have heat pretty much right up … [Read more...]

today is my monday?


Hey Everyone Well.. I started to write a couple times yesterday , but even though it was a holiday , I got caught up in some emails and never did manage to finish!  David and I had went over to my mom and dads around 11 and then when we came back he had to go out to work- I am not sure if I wrote it but he had to go in 2x a day the entire weekend to do a few things. Anyways, the crazy thing was when we were on the way back home the person at the front of the traffic light line didn't trip the sensor, and would NOT move up OR turn (it would have been a right turn on red so it would have been fine anyways) I am talking each line of traffic had went at LEAST 5 times and they wouldn't even try to go! So David got in the turn lane finally and floored it on through the light! I bet traffic by that time was backed up for miles it was crazy! People were beeping and trying to inch up and make them move but they wouldn't. I hadn't ever had anything like that happen before! We went out … [Read more...]

A Cat’s Life: Be Prepared For Their Gifts


  Pinterest   If you're a lover of cats and you happen to own one, you may or may not know already what your cat gets up to when they wander off outside. Other than playing with others, getting some exercise, and basking in the sun, they are also out on the search to bring you gifts. Now as cute and moving as it sounds, it’s not always a good thing. Having said that, your kitty is just trying to please you, and they will be waiting for a pat on the head to say thank you. If you’re not quite sure what gifts are to come - here’s an idea.   Ticks and fleas Cats are prone to getting ticks and fleas and bringing them into the house. Now this isn’t their fault, and isn’t a gift for you either. The experience isn't a pleasant one. They cause your cat to scratch and scratch until they're left with irritated skin from being bitten. They feed on your cat's blood and reproduce hundreds of thousands of more fleas. - It's not pretty. It's important to look at … [Read more...]

need to get off this computer!


Hey Everyone Yes, it is me again .. I really need to GET OFF THIS COMPUTER for a little while but I got several irons in the fire so to speak- though nothing is panning out for me again! I got REALLY excited about something the other day, went through the pitch thing and thought I was on to something and BAM they only work with bloggers on comped things via another avenue that I don't really feel like dealing with because it is kind of complicated and yeah.. fun stuff. Though, it seems like it has been that kind of week right? David messaged me about 11 and I told him that I put some money back in that paypal if he wanted to get whatever it was and he said it wasn't important. Then he was supposed to message me when he took his actual lunch but he must have not had time.. I ended up throwing some pepper steak in the ninja cooker because it should get done in time for him to be home or at least shortly after. I will just make some rice to go with it and BAM done :) I know it isn't … [Read more...]

Adspace Special for September & other ramblings #adspace #bannerad #footerad


Howdy Ya'll Well.. I started another post but then I didn't like that it was seemingly a lot about money- which is one of those no no subjects for my blog lol  though I will say a few things about it in this post, I won't say as much lol i'll just say I had to transfer some money and I told David it was so my tanning holding fee wouldn't come out and he likely wasn't listening so when he used my card it declined it- I transferred the money back pretty much immediately but he'd already tried twice so.. I just hate that he couldn't get whatever it was because he was out of lunch goodies to take from home and I had meant to transfer the money back by lunchtime but he went out earlier than I planned so.. Hopefully he'll be able to go back out at lunch and get whatever lol. I hope he wasn't too aggravated about it though- I am doing an adspace special on the site if anyone might be interested: Autumn Rain September 2017 Adspace Special It isn't like we are poor but I am trying to … [Read more...]