lingering cold. 80 degrees in april. fun stuff!


Hey Everyone Well.. Of course we have had a few days of sunny warm weather, but I haven't got to really enjoy it! I have been fighting off whatever this funky funk is!  I have had something similar to this before in the spring and can only imagine that it didn't help that David had the flu, and now with the pollen starting up.. well I think it is all relative! I am mostly just having horrible congestion in my chest and am TERRIBLY wore out- not my general lazy/hungover/normal wore out but.. like getting up to go to the living room wears me out! Friday it wasn't too awful bad but Saturday- I stayed in bed 99% of the day. Yesterday I tried to stay up for the most part and today has been a bit of a mix.  I have been watching Gone With The Wind with Marley & Sam , napping and drinking lots of fluids today. Hopefully things are looking up right? I am also currently in that sore ribs/lungs from coughing stage and wowww does it hurt! The last thing I smelled before i was actually … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Personal Loan for Your Needs


Photo Source When someone mentions taking out a loan, many people will advise them against it. This isn’t all too surprising, as so many people take out all sorts of loans without really understanding what they’re getting into or whether they can afford repayments. This means that most will have some cautionary tale or anecdote about sinking into debt and struggling to get back out. However, if you are well informed, sensible with your lending, and take out the right loan for your needs while practising good behaviour with repayments, you shouldn’t have any problems at all. Here’s everything you need to know to find the right personal loan for your personal needs! Knowing What Type of Loan You Want Personal loans are unsecured loans and are generally the preferable option when it comes to borrowing money. They do not require the use of collateral (which would usually be your house or car) and thus eliminates the risk of repossession of your collateral down the line should your … [Read more...]

Last Weeks Coupon Haul: CVS (Week of 21st)


    Transaction 1 2 softsoap body wash 2 Katy perry Katy kat lipgloss Before coupons 28.61 After coupons $9.02 and got $3 in extra bucks Transaction 2 Ever pure shampoo and conditioner Nexxus Before coupons 39.33 After coupons and extra bucks 15.35 Have $15 left in extra bucks … [Read more...]

not sure if i have the flu or not…


Hey Everyone Well.. I am not sure quite yet if the flu has found me personally or not! I started being really chilled late tuesday night , but David had turned off the heat and we had the door/windows open there for a while and had forgot to kick it back on ! So.. Anyways I was REALLY more cold than allowing for that when we went to bed but really didn't think anything about it until when David got up for work yesterday morning and my throat was sore a little bit. Oh and I WAS DARN tired. like MORE TIRED than my normal I was like welllll maybe it is where I haven't been sleeping since I have been having crazy dreams + where david has been so restless so... I was like maybe it is that and allergies?   I didn't feel much better when I got up at 9 and I pretty much ended up sleeping my day away which sucks! Today I feel a ton better but not 100% so I'm not sure what is going on lol. I don't ache or have a fever so? I have the window open and the patio door open and have sprayed … [Read more...]

Oh my word what a Monday!


I decided to go back and use my daily ramblings image that matches my theme a little bit better :) I had to mix it up there for a little while :) Also, I kind of missed it- and I don't really feel like making anything different right now lol. Things have just been CRAZY lately! I know I have been out and about with my mom a lot - CVS/Publix and going tanning as early as possible. I think last week I went out with her late on a Monday evening (usually my mom doesn't get out in the afternoon so much- usually around 9:30 or at least before lunch) Then I think we went out and went to CVS on Wed - I don't know why we didn't go out on Tuesday but .. Yeah.. Anyways, most of the week is a blur! Saturday David wanted to go to the Minute clinic at CVS because he wasn't feeling well and I just figured he was just having sinus infection or allergies or a cold ... Well.. lo and behold he tested positive for the FLU type B ya'll!!  We scrambled to Target and bought some orange juice, I got … [Read more...]

Last week was busy-trying to play catch-up!


Hey Everyone Well I started several blog posts last week that never managed to get finished/posted if that counts? :) I was really busy with going out and about with my mom doing couponing and going tanning - I know Tuesday Was CVS and then Publix opened on Wed... I think on Thursday I just went out with her and went tanning but I can't even remember right off!  Saturday David and I were out and about most of the day and then Sunday I went tanning really early on...then we just hung around the house and watched the race! I will try my best to put up a couponing trip post with pics here in a little while..  I actually have a couple posts I want to get up- who knows .. I might go back and edit some of last weeks post and put them on up lol! Yesterday I had the headache from HELL most of the day and just felt awful but around 3 I was feeling better and my mom was actually going out and about so I went with her even though it was later in the day just so I could go ahead and … [Read more...]