Sits Girls Writing Prompts. Do you remember your first car? Tell us about your first car or what it was like when you learned how to drive.


I love to use the SITS Girls Writing Prompts to help perk things up on the blog, especially when I am on a trip and don't want the blog to get lonely while I am gone! This image is courtesy the sits girls and you can click the image to find out more about them & their prompts! I am NOT a fan of Driving AT ALL - I never have been... EVER . My mom had to MAKE me take drivers ed and get a license and even though we got our new car last july I have only ever drove it ONCE and that was in the parking lot the day we got it! My first car was a 1986 Toyota Camry and at the time I hated it because it was square looking lol.. now I miss it tons. I have also had a grey Toyota camry and burgundy one- one was an 89 an done was a 90- I always mix up which was which. I did hate learning to drive and it was really easier to drive with my dad - he is just so easy going - my mom was just too paranoid all the time and made me nervous. I used to drive with my dad when he got off work and … [Read more...]

Pictures from Day Myrtle Beach Day one- just a couple (literally)


Hey everyone I wanted to share a few pics- I have some I will be sharing in my main posts and such- and there are pics on my ipod/davids phone that I don't even have just yet. I also plan to take tons more and even get out with my big camera too! I just picked 2 that were easily accessible. I am not having a lot of luck with my tablet wanting to save pics but i'm working with it, so stay tuned for more :) This is from Broadway at the beach and I apologize if it is blurry because I was zooming in! this is from the sister hotel- I HAD to have a pink bowling pin :) … [Read more...]

writing from the beach, super early


Hey Everyone Well I am up bright and early this morning! We had planned to get up at about 6 but of course I am always up at 4 anyways and David was too and we couldn't go back to sleep so.. here I am! They are actually going up and down the beach on a little cart thing with a scraper , combing the sand so that is pretty cool! Yesterday we dropped Marley off at my moms about 930 or so... I had got up about 7 yesterday but had been awake since 4 or so of course! I had re packed my purse (didn't like the size of the one I had picked) which involved me totally tearing apart the closet at least twice and putting it back together. Then I re did my bag with the tablet, and I changed beach bags too because my two towels and my shoes took all the room up in the other one! We stopped twice on the way here- once for a bathroom break and once to eat right before we got here We were here pretty early, and I think we checked into the hotel around 3 or so and I didn't have to wait for a … [Read more...]

Sits Girls Writing Prompts: What is on your music playlist right now?


  *this prompt is actually from the September Prompts, but I wanted the october image, since it is october* I like to check the Sits Girls writing prompts to help spice up the blog when I can! Since i'm gone on my trip this week, I thought this would be a great way to supplement things just in case I don't get a chance to write while i'm gone! You can find out more about the sits girls & writing prompts by clicking on the image! I am a pretty simple girl when it comes to music. Well.. o..k. Maybe simple isn't the right word for it, but.... I just kind of like what I like and I don't really like a whole lot of newer stuff! I pretty much like older country (think Keith Whitley, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Tanya Tucker...etc). I am also a fan of oldies music 60's and 70's!  I also like a little bit of bluegrass (ralph stanley, but if you tell anyone i'll deny it). Of course I also like  the 90's boy bands and I even like some rap (emeniem, 50 cent, akon) Oh and I LOVE … [Read more...]

Remember EDEN Fantasys? #sponsored #ad

  Do you all remember when I used to write about Eden Fantasys? I used to write about them a LOT back in the day! I just changed my writing about them because I kept hearing about how you should make your blog family friendly and all of that stuff...which I have never"got"  because who reads a blog with their family right? Also, I am NOT embarrassed when it comes to adult stuff because well.. why should you be?  I Know everyone acts like sex is a big embarrassing thing but WHY? Most adults participate in some sort of intimate relationship you know , of some sort. I really have just never been the type of person to shy away from that kind of thing - I used to write a whole lot more detailed stuff on my blog than what I do now for sure! I don't think it should be a standard to be embarrassed by the one thing that had to be done to make us all! In this day and time I think we all know what made us become us to start with so why is it such a taboo topic. Oh and … [Read more...]

All Packed & Ready= we travel tomorrow!


Hey Everyone Well.. I woke up pretty early this morning - I think about 6 or something and then around 7ish or so I decided to just go ahead and try to get up. David was actually still asleep and I was just on my tablet just looking at random stuff. I did that for a while and David got up and went to the living room to watch tv and I got up to get my phone off charge in the bathroom (I have to charge all my stuff in there thanks to a cat that loves cords!) David had said he was gonna go wash the car after the fog lifted (it was crazy foggy for some reason) and I had thought about going to get my mom to cut my hair/ paint my nails and I was going to call to see if she was going out and about or whatever. There was this WEIRD ORANGE FOAM in the bathroom floor .I called for David to come in there and we were really puzzled but he said something in my basket that sits on the back of the toilet under the shelf thing that we have with towels that go over the toilet  must have busted.. … [Read more...]