Setting up for yardsale # 2 “17” :)


Hey Everyone Well.. I did manage to get in my closet and get a few things done last night, so that was awesome- I mean it is still a wreck in general, but a more organized wreck I guess ha ha. I wanted to get into the last two tubs of purses to clean out some for the yardsale (maybe) but I didn't feel like moving heaven and earth to do it either so...Also, there is this bag of random stuff that I can't put in the yardsale quite yet for various reasons so I have to hoard that up too- I am about to move it out to the patio closet though! This morning I woke up when David was leaving to a horrid headache- actually I had been awake with said headache a few times since about 2 a/m and I was scorching hot as well. Anyways, any plans of staying up went out the window for sure. I got up around 9 and did a few random things and then called my mom, got ready, took Marley out and went over there to set up for the yardsale .. I got home just a little after 12 and started a tot casserole in … [Read more...]

5 Benefits of Working With Local Insurance Agents

5 Benefits of Working With Local Insurance Agents Insurance is one of those necessities in life. You have to have it, and you need many different types of it. Working insurance into your budget isn't always easy, so you probably strive to get the best value for your money and the lowest costs possible. While you have many options out there is where to get your insurance, working with a local agent may be your best bet. There are many reasons why a local agent is a good choice. The top one is they help you to get the best deals because they are working with you personally. Here is a look at five other benefits you get when going local for your insurance needs and how they relate to saving you money. 1. They Are Close You have probably dealt with a company before that can only be contacted by phone or email. You can't just drive there and talk to someone. This can be quite frustrating. Dealing with a person face to face makes it much easier to explain your side and to understand … [Read more...]

time to find high gear!


Hey Everyone Well..I am on it this morning ya'll - O.K well it is almost 2 p/m but stick with me here lol. I got up a little later than normal- I was awake on and off but was just really burrowy and cuddled up with mars and sam so I just went with it..because I had the dillusion that I could just get up when David left but after that 3a/m throwing up incident and then David having to go to work so early yesterday it just wasn't going to happen! Anyways I got up did a few random things, talked to my mom on the phone, took Marley out, straightened up my couch cover and started a load of color clothes and I decided today would be my best day to make the lettuce wraps and egg drop soup again- since I am not really sure about this whole yardsale thing because you always got to worry about rain and with my mom going over there the day before to set up and whatnot. I basically went ahead and made my egg drop soup= though this go around I decided that I was going to leave out the … [Read more...]

today is better than yesterday, I suppose :)


Hey Everyone Well.. Let me just say yesterday is pretty much a blur for me because I was just so drained from the being so violently sick at 3 in the morning! I didn't even really feel good until well after David was home, and that is because we narrowed down what flavor of gaterade it is that I like- I never knew the name of it , I just knew it comes in this skinny twisty looking bottle and it is blue. We managed to track it down at the gas station, and it is actually called cool blue, go figure! We had went to walmart so I could grab lettuce for the lettuce wraps(yes, I got EVERY thing except the lettuce, some how another lol) and I needed some more tea. I couldn't really eat at all yesterday and I had made the basil chicken. Since it was tomatoe based I really didn't try it because I was thinking that would cause more acid reflux drama. David got me a biscuit late yesterday evening - a plain biscuit and we had to go to bed EARLY as heck because he had to be at work at 3:30 … [Read more...]

that nausea got me like..


Hey Everyone Well.. after being nauseous and not feeling so well since late saturday, I woke up at 230 this morning and thought I was just having some acid reflux and needed to use the bathroom. next thing I know I am scorching hot , pouring sweat and feeling like death! I had sat down in the bathroom floor and I swear I was so close to just laying there because I was so weak and not feeling good.. I managed to get up go get some nausea medicine and the next thing I was throwing up like mad.. This happened to me a month or two ago about the same way so ..ICK! I know when I got back in bed David said I Was freezing to the touch so.. goodness only knows. I know that on top of the ovulation I think /thought I was getting an ear infection yesterday so I guess it all might be adding up! At least I Can say I don't think heat is part of it for once because it has been fairly what us southerners would consider "cool" or at least not so humid the last few days! I am pretty O.K today - … [Read more...]

it sure is monday


Hey Everyone! Well.. it seemed like the weekend was really long- I don't know if it is because now a days when I start ovulating I get totally drained/lots of twinges of pain or if it was because we spent Saturday running here there and yon with david's family. I think it was a combo of both, because even though I had to run out for dinner fixin's for the week early yesterday morning I was pretty well zonked the rest of the day and I have been going to bed at normal time and even earlier the last few days so.. eh! Saturday we ended up going to go eat at this place we hadn't in a while- it is like a cafeteria type place and it is soooo yummy! For some reason David felt the need to take his dad and brother but anyways it was SO YUMMY so that made up for that lol. I had a chopped steak, mashed potatoes, rice, fried okra and green beans! Oh and they had sundrop on tap , and even though I hardly ever drink soda, and I haven't drank sundrop in forever (they are very addictive to just … [Read more...]