Holiday Gift Guide Review: PeachSkinSheets #review #sponsored #ad #peachskinsheets


    One of my absolute favorite things is to take a bath right before I go to bed- maybe drink a little bit of wine while I am at it, but then as soon as I get out put on some awesome pajamas and get straight into bed. For some reason it reminds me if when I was young and I slept a whole lot better than I do now! It is just really relaxing and burrowy and sometimes I watch a little bit of t.v and just unwind without the phone/tablet/computer and sometimes every rare moon I get so zoned out I can drift right to sleep no matter what time it is! I always try to make bedtime something I look forward to and I like things to be as inviting as possible.  Recently I have gotten a couple of things to review that help me look forward to going to bed even more- one of which is PeachSkinSheets! I have always been a fan of awesome sheets, even though I haven't always had the best- I try to always come up with the best that I can get- and I am sure every woman out there … [Read more...]

lets see what the day brings


Hey Everyone Well.. We ended up staying up a little later than I had thought we would last night. David is watching some show and I was of course in the bedroom watching the story. I know he finished around 11 which wasn't too bad, but Marley kind of did here twitchy whimpery sleep thing a couple of times so I had to wake her up and get her to calm down. I think I didn't really get to try to go to sleep until after 12 which I had already woke Marley up twice at that point... then it seemed like I was awake every hour on the hour so.. that is always fun lol. If I had known I was going to be up so long I would have probably finished working on that review I had started while I was in that kind of mood! I am kinda sorta still in the right mood but got to get a few other things done first! Luckily I don't have to cook tonight because David said he'd eat leftovers for once wahoo! I didn't really get to talk to him at lunch but I kind of knew he'd have to be calling to pay that … [Read more...]

Accomplished, Kayla & Another World


Hey Everyone Well.... I got a few things done today that I had wanted to do for a while- I spent a good while cleaning stuff out of my google docs/google drive and permanently deleting things out of the trash. I still have some work to do but I got some things named and such too so that was progress. I also managed to straighten that big heap of junk in my closet up a bit - I am not saying I don't need to do a major clean out in there (ALWAYS right? lol) but it at least looks tons better and is easier to get in and out! I also started writing on a review a little bit ago... I don't think I will be finishing it tonight but at least I got a start on it you know? Maybe I can spend some time tomorrow on these sorts of things :) I am trying to figure out a list of stuff at the store that I need to get to make it until next pay day and the cheapest route possible at that.  What fun right? I think mostly what we need is lunch/snacks and some random stuff for meals like broth and stuff.  … [Read more...]

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Yeah.,I probably should make dinner tonight ;)


  Hey Everyone Well.. Here I am bright and Early lol. Not really that Early (almost 10 a/m) but it is actually sunny out so I am happy about that. Maybe it will warm up a bit here after a while. Seems like it has been cool and dreary forever. I mean you would think that having a name of my site to be Autumn Rain you would think I liked Autumn Rain right? I actually used to, and I liked it before I started having Asthma more = my Asthma has been acting up for about 2 weeks now - which at least it waited a bit this year and I have my inhaler and it isn't that bad! My mom was going to the thrift shop but I was still asleep when she was getting ready to leave. I have a package that is coming today that I have to sign for anyways so.. no biggie. I wasn't really in that kind of mood anyways. Kinda sorta still aggravated about a few things from yesterday but it will all work out, it always does. I think for dinner today I am going to make my beef & barley soup. I didn't make … [Read more...]

Swagbucks Cyber Monday Sale

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