CSN STORES REVIEW (Sam’s Scratchpost!)

You might remember a week or so ago I posted that I was going to get to review another item from csn stores?! I finally picked something, and got it via UPS yesterday evening. What did I end up getting? I got Sam another scratch post(cat scratcher)! Here is a link to the particular cat scratcher that I chose for him. I was really happy that I ordered it Friday, and I received it Wednesday of this week. (It didn’t ship till Monday, and I even had to change the address before it could be shipped, so very quick indeed!) It also was on clearance and had free shipping!

Sam inherited his scratch post from Shadow. We bought it for shadow for Christmas of 2007!! When we moved in with mom, I was going to put it in the yardsale, but when Shadow came back from being gone(when he stayed gone for 3 days when we first took him there) he went straight to it! I decided to keep it, and he continued to have loads of fun with it .Mom even tried to repair it with staples (eek) and some hot glue.

When I got Sam he came with everything you can imagine, except anything to play with, or a scratch post. Mom brought shadow’s over (since by this point, we were pretty sure he was gone for good). I hadn’t ever thought much about her fixing it with staples, until I started finding them in the floor. Not good for me or the Sam-man! Also, it had a yellow fuzzy ball on the top of it that had long disappeared!

Here is what his post was looking like as of last night (and sam is watching david put the other one together)
I was actually going to get him one really soon, when I got the chance to do this review! It was like perfect timing! Csn Stores have many options for scratch posts and other pet items.  I chose this one mostly because it was similar to the style that he already. I had been saying his post had seen better days on the mountain, and that mommy was going to have to give it to the trash man.

Here is the picture of the package that the post was in( I also see sam’s tail and my foot lol)

When it arrived David put it together, it was really simple just popping the post into the base and fastening it with a screw. Sam knew it was for him and he was so excited it was cute as could be! It was like it was Christmas or his birthday or something!

When I compare this post to his other one, there are a few noticeable differences.

  1. This post is heavier. Which might be a good thing, because the other one was kind of flimsy and would fall over a lot!
  2. It is made out of a more “scratchy” kind of material. The other post was made out of material that resembled carpet. I think this one will help more with his nails, that he might not get stuck in it as often!
  3. It is treated with catnip. I swear I have caught him sleeping on it several times. My little Sam is a catnip feign!

Here are a few pics of Sam enjoying his new post

The Feather on the top, I don’t expect it to last that long. He already knocked out a few feathers and I even saw him trying to eat them! That isn’t important though.

In all I am very satisfied with Sam’s scratch post from csn stores and I am pretty sure that he is too! He spent all of yesterday evening playing with it and loving on it. I have also saw him playing several times today, more than he ever did before with the other one!

If you are looking for almost anything you can think of, including something cool for your pet, I suggest you check out csn stores.

This item was provided to me for free for my honest opinion by csn stores.