Duncan Hines Decadent Cakes & Glaze Review

Duncan Hines Decadent Cakes & Glaze Review

*I LOVE cake, and I have always liked to bake cakes. When I was in 5th grade, sometimes, on fridays if we had enough good behavior points, we got to go to the kitchen and bake them! It was fun to have a group of your friends and get to be out of class and bake a cake.

*I know that people generally like what I bake, when I do end up baking something. One time we had relatives show up unexpectedly and i had just baked a cake. Now every time they come down they want me to make one. I have told that my cakes turn out exceptionally moist! I guess I have to believe that, since I have been told that by more than one person!

*I recently got the opportunity to review some new products from Duncan Hines! I got the opportunity to review their line of DECADENT CAKES & AMAZING GLAZES!! When I got the email describing them I thought I was going to drool on my keyboard. The cakes I got to review were the Apple Caramel Cake which had real apples & rich creamy caramel, and the Triple Chocolate Cake with chocolate chunks and fudge! These cakes had 0 grams of trans fat and no hydrogenated oils!
The amazing glazes, are available in chocolate and vanilla, and they aren’t as heavy or sweet as what you would get when using a frosting, which I thought would be awesome because David’s teeth (and mine) are really sensitive when it comes to sweet things sometimes.

*The first thing David said when I got them was he wanted the apple caramel one because it was “different, and looked good”. I think if I had eggs in the fridge he would have wanted it then, but we were out.When I called and told my mom about them she told me to bring the apple caramel one over and her & dad would help out with the review, lol.

*Usually if I make sweet things like brownies & cakes they just get ate on the first day, and then they just sit around, which annoys me, because it is so wasteful. On the other hand sometimes I end up holding on to the cake and throughout the week end up eating the majority of it myself! That was part of the reason that I did end up taking the duncan hines decadent apple caramel cake over to moms! (um, i mean I love to share lol).

*A few funny things were, we weren’t thinking about the apples that were in the batter, and my mom kept asking me why there were chunks! We figured it out about the same time! Also, when we were cleaning up I was eating the caramel out of the bowl, lol. I happened to have a mini freak out about eating raw egg, but my mom was like that there isn’t any truth to that thing about eating raw egg! J

The Apple caramel cake was so fallish! *yes i am using my word fallish again* (it means something that is appropriate/ reminds you of fall). I mean apples/caramel apples and all that remind me of the fall. I think it is because of the Apple Festival that I go to every fall. Plus the apple and cinnamon smells seem to be popular this time of the year!

This cake tasted AWESOME. The caramel was divine, the cake was awesome. No complaints! I have to say though that this cake wasn’t as sweet as what you would think, but that was actually a welcome thing.

The Duncan Hine Decadent Triple Chocolate cake I saved until I was in the mood for chocolate! It made up easy, just like the apple caramel one! I remembered this time that there would be chunks (chocolate)lol. It was very yummy! It was like so deep in flavor and the chunks were a nice added bonus. I am planning to freeze some of it/or take it over to my parents this weekend and share it with them!

The best thing about the chocolate cake was I got to try out my Amazing Glaze! This stuff was AWESOME! You can heat it in the microwave right in the bottle! It was just the perfect touch for the cake, and I think it would be awesome on fruit, or anything else you might want to put a little warm chocolate on!

I think these Decadent Cakes & Amazing Glazes by Duncan hines are just in time for your thanksgiving and winter holiday baking too! The cakes are suggested retail of $2.99 and the amazing glaze $2.49. I know that my mom saw them in our local grocery store today, and she picked up a few!

I was provided these items in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to give a positive review. All Opinions & Ideas stated are honest and my own.


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    Oh, you should have posted photos of the actual cakes!! Hehe! They sound delicious. =) I’ve got a really sweet tooth!

    Plus, I really love cooking at the moment, and this sounds right up my street, but I’m in the UK and I’m not sure that brand is available over here. =(