Review: Zaycon Fresh Maple Chicken Sausage Patties


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So, if you have been reading my blog for very long , you probably know I have a reputation of being a picky eater! I will defend it in short by saying I AM NOT lol. I am just like everyone else in the respect that I don’t like certain foods, but then I have the whole food allergy and not eating things because of religious reasons going on for me too!

One of my main things I have NEVER been able to eat is PORK. I think it is absolutely YUCK.. I won’t get into it on that level, but when I was going to church as a child we went by the old testament food laws so Pork was a NO NO big time.  Even though I have grown u and we have long since quit going to that church, I have never got to the point where I have wanted to try it either! I know that even as a child would I would eat pork and not know what it was (like being at a relatives house who just told me it was “meat”) I would be REALLY sick afterwards.

Anyways you can imagine what kind of fun it was to not be able to eat bacon or sausage – I can remember my mom making her own sausage with hamburger and seasonings and I can remember when we first started getting turkey bacon! I  know when our church would go to different places that we brought in so much business to their towns that they would cater us and do beef sausage  There really are more options now a days!

Say Hello To My Good Friends, Zaycon Fresh


One of these options comes from my awesome pals over at Zaycon Fresh! I found out last fall that they were going to start having Zaycon  Maple Sausage Chicken Patties! I was really excited when they offered up a case of them for me to review here one the blog! I have worked with zaycon in the past- Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts & Zaycon Fresh Partners with Chicken Soup For The soul Foods

In case you don’t know about Zaycon Fresh, you purchase your items in bulk portions and then divide them up and store them however you like (for example I generally portion up my meat with them and freeze it, and my mom tends to can a lot of hers)  As far as the Maple Chicken Sausage Patties there were 10lbs of them and I put them in freezer bags and split them up with my mom and put them in the freezer! They were split into two bags which I would figure to be about even and estimate them at 5lbs each.


When you order from Zaycon Fresh , not only are you picking up your items in bulk off of a truck (which I know some people think to be a bit odd) but you are in the long run saving yourself money because they are cutting out the “middle man” and bringing it to you straight from the supplier.

I know some people question the quality and whatnot but with everything that I have tried from them (especially the chicken breasts, multiple times) they are fresh and high quality and pretty much I have gotten spoiled on eating only their chicken because I know it isn’t full of fillers and that I am paying for what I am actually trying to purchase, and not broth/water weight, and packaging!

Zaycon uses the selling in bulk, and selling to so many people at one time to YOUR advantage which helps them with negotiating the deals that you get when you order from them as well.

When you go to your event to pick up your order it is very quick and simple and you don’t even have to get out of the car! You just pull up and give them your information and they will load it right into your trunk! They even put down plastic too!  They are very friendly and professional!

Bring on the Zaycon Maple Chicken Sausage Patties!

When it comes to meat, I pretty much stick to Chicken and Beef because that is pretty much what I prefer (I do turkey pepperoni!) so to find out they were going to start selling these Maple Sausage Chicken Sausage patties I was really excited. I have tried some chicken sausage links (which I have to be a careful about because they have pork casings most of the time) and I didn’t really like them.

The Zaycon Fresh Maple Chicken Sausage patties are AWESOME. I will straight up tell you that I do NOT like sweet flavors when it comes to meat, so you probably would think that these were “sweet” that I would not like them but when you make them with something else like a biscuit or a waffle they don’t taste nearly as sweet as you think they were when you might try them on their own!


I really liked the patties because they were really easy to make and really fast to make! I popped mine in the microwave for about 2 minutes and paired it with a waffle with some syrup and there you go- great breakfast or snack! I have even made a sandwich with them out of two waffles, put them on a biscuit and even ate them on a piece of bread! I also have had them at my moms with fried potatoes, gravy and a more elaborate spread than what I would do myself lol.

David totally hates sausage on ANY level, even though he is not anti-pork like myself, he has not ate a lot of it since we have been married- by choice- lol. He says that he has never liked sausage and that it tastes like soap. He was a little bit sketchy about trying it but he did and now even he eats it! He has even came home for lunch (we live less than 5 min from his work) and made up some of them to eat! It also makes for him a quick breakfast if he wants to make something and carry with him!

My parents also liked them, especially my dad and we have also let some of the people that David and dad work with try them , as well as his brother and every one thinks it is great and likes the flavor and the fact that it doesn’t taste like traditional sausage

We really enjoyed these chicken sausage patties and I love working with zaycon too! I Hope to have the chance to work with them in the future with reviews of their other products! I love having the chance to enjoy sausage now too!

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    I’ve never heard of Zaycon Fresh until I read this. I totally wish there was one closer to me! Closest one is about 50 miles away. These look super yummy.