The Holiday Review

Hello Everyone. Here’s the review of the past few days 🙂

Tuesday: we went and ate olive garden. I got chicken marsala which was really good. I only had one berry sangria (I had to get up early the next day to go to my parents and I didnt want to be hungover. that and the fact I wanted to go to the mall and not be drunk while there lol)

we went to the mall and I got a set of pajamas (playboy) at spencers, and a really nice looking nightie at the victoria secrets. then we went to bestbuy but we didnt get anything. I mean I already knew he probably wouldnt have gotten me alot since he got me that photo printer and all that early. plus the laptop and camera

Wedneseday: went to my mom and dads as david went to work. didnt really do much except try to clean off my ipod and try to figure out why i cant get on the interent there like I did that one week (still no clue why) david got off at noon, and we had christmas dinner and then we opened presents. be sure to check out the pictures on flickr. I will be putting mine in a set under the Karen Nichole collection (because my mom has put up some really shitty ones from when they were in va and i do not want to be associated with that lol.)

 I got some things.. lol I havent made a complete list… lots of books and random things. i got a digital photo album , that i dont know if i’m gonna carry around or use its little stand and use it like a digital frame. its pretty cool ( pictures will be on flickr soon)

Thursday: omg boring. because my parents went to va. the first christmas in my life i spent with them. so i was a little bit depressed.

Friday: went to a mall… that i used to go with one of my ex’s. I hadnt been there for years…because I didnt know where it was or what the name of it was lol (boy was I ditzy back then) also it is a little far a way but with the new highway that we have it didnt take anytime at all.

 I had to take back my pj’s cuz they didnt fit right. i ended up getting two pairs and 10 bucks back, because they were on clearance at that spencers. I also took back my victoria secret thing because it was just so much. david bought me two of the three pretty little liars books that I didnt have. I also got some things at kmart for my tree next year.(pictures. pictures.. i promise lol)

ok so i’m caught up i need some food 🙂 i’ll be around to comment and such today as well i believe 🙂