The Holiday Review

Hello Everyone. Here's the review of the past few days :) Tuesday: we went and ate olive garden. I got chicken marsala which was really good. I only had one berry sangria (I had to get up early the next day to go to my parents and I didnt want to be hungover. that and the fact I wanted to go to the mall and not be drunk while there lol) we went to the mall and I got a set of pajamas (playboy) at spencers, and a really nice looking nightie at the victoria secrets. then we went to bestbuy but we didnt get anything. I mean I already knew he probably wouldnt have gotten me alot since he got me that photo printer and all that early. plus the laptop and camera Wedneseday: went to my mom and dads as david went to work. didnt really do much except try to clean off my ipod and try to figure out why i cant get on the interent there like I did that one week (still no clue why) david got off at noon, and we had christmas dinner and then we opened presents. be sure to check out the pictures on … [Read more...]

i want something christmasy

for a theme here at the site. I don't really know where to look because I havent been using the wordpress where u can cusomize your themes for very long. so if anyone can suggest one let me know :) I am up to 14 christmas cards now. thats pretty much all that I got last year. and I know i will be getting more so YAY. today is very BLAH and rainy i got up at 6 went back at 8:30 and slept till 11 lol I swear i could just stay in the bed all day. right now i'm folding clothes and watching days of our lives so i'm gonna run :) ng … [Read more...]

twitter is ruling my life

I am freakin addicted to that site man. David didnt get paid today so i'm out of everything and running about of about anything that was left. my mom is comming up tommorow  so hopefully the check will be in the bank tommorow so that i can go shopping. I want to take a really cute christmas picture of shadow for this year because the one of him from last year is too freakin precious. I tried to take some of duke but hes camera shy and wont sit still long enough. i'm thinking turning on a string of christmas lights and putting shadow in the middle or something. ha ha House comes on in about 20 minutes so i'll be moving things upstairs because david is watching that batman movie. *rolls eyes* ok i'll prob make some more pages /edit some here in a few. i need to look a word up on my trans editing part of my exam. if i can figure out that i'll have found the 25 errors and i'll be able to turn it in. ok ciao ciao bebes ng … [Read more...]

ho hum boring

today is ho hum hum boring. I went to my classes. I had gave out 5 christmas cards and hope to get a few back but no. ugh i swear next year i'm not even gonna bother. i have 8 total and i gave out 50+ I have been laying on the couch since i got home , other than washing all the dishes from dinner last night. my mom is all  chatty today so  I gave up trying to take a nap and i'm watching days of our lives. I have not much to do today so i put up a shadow page and an apartment page so far. ok more lates ng … [Read more...]

hi again

yay got the transcription done. there was about 5 words I couldn't understand and I think i forgot to put periods after the things that were in the numbered list (i could look but I kinda dont wanna lol) did i mention they fixed the speakers on my laptop. its awesome I can almost hear this crap lol shadow is on one side of the couch, then me, then duke. its sweet :) I was gonna do my test, and basicaly i went through and highlighted the errors I just didnt correct them yet. I think that will take about 20 min -ish and it will give me something to do tommorow. I really don't have alot to say. i'm gonna try to get some pics of my tree up, even though i dont really like them and now my official christmas card is up to 6, and one of these is a cute picture card of my 2nd cousin dylan who is only like 4 months old maybe? ok latterz ng … [Read more...]

christmas card count/ Goodies Section

so far i have 4. the picture of the christmas cards going up my stairs are last years cards so i could see if that idea panned out. my moms card is my fave so far because she has these really awesome handmade cards. mine is of santas outfit on a little hanger. i'll take a pic of it as well. my mom also added garland to my stair rail. if i get enough cards I will put red and green pom pom string up and then another row of cards. YAY.  I didnt get but about 15 cards last year though. but I did give some out at school so we'll see. plus last year was my first year of being married and alot of people weren't clued in yet. oh i want to take a pic of my card from david last year too. ha. I still never got back to my transcription. I ended up straightening up/dusting the living room. and then i cleaned the dishes & swept the kitchen.  and swept shadows room & cleaned his box. i mean at least i got a start on it. shadow is so cute right now. he knocked his collar off ( david had it … [Read more...]