The Holiday Review

Hello Everyone. Here's the review of the past few days :) Tuesday: we went and ate olive garden. I got chicken marsala which was really good. I only had one berry sangria (I had to get up early the next day to go to my parents and I didnt want to be hungover. that and the fact I wanted to go to the mall and not be drunk while there lol) we went to the mall and I got a set of pajamas (playboy) at spencers, and a really nice looking nightie at the victoria secrets. then we went to bestbuy but we didnt get anything. I mean I already knew he probably wouldnt have gotten me alot since he got me that photo printer and all that early. plus the laptop and camera Wedneseday: went to my mom and dads as david went to work. didnt really do much except try to clean off my ipod and try to figure out why i cant get on the interent there like I did that one week (still no clue why) david got off at noon, and we had christmas dinner and then we opened presents. be sure to check out the pictures on … [Read more...]

christmas cards & presents & oh em gee

I am getting really pretty cards this year. guess people are making up for slacking last year on me lol.  I plan to take pictures of each of them and make a set on flickr of them. thought that would be a neat idea :) i've decided to post the rest of the 365 pics that i have (if i have any) and restart that with the new year. I made it like 3 months but with the holidays and finals and stuff i've just got behind and I prob could catch up but I think it would be more fun to start it at the begning of the year. I havent been around to PG or Lavish today but maybe i'll get there tommorow. my mom is keeping all of our christmas gifts that she has got at her house because i'm afraid duke will pee on them if they sit under my tree. lol tommorow is pretty much open for anything for me. finishing up this report. working on the family history and/or wedding dvd I'm not sure about that wedding one at all. and the family history one is just gonna end up annoying me because theres so much . … [Read more...]