Wii thinkSMART Family Review

Wii thinkSMART Family
“Power up Your Brain”

I recently had the chance to review a wii game Wii thinksmart Family, and I was all kinds of excited about getting to review it.I am one of those girls who always does seem to come off kind of ditzy around others, so I thought this could be my chance to show off my smarts & improve them!

You might remember David & I had a wii, sold it to my grandma for my cousin (because my bro in law crashed my computer and we needed money for a new one)and then my grandma gave us the wii back this year!

I hardly ever get any time to play on our wii, because david is always playing guitar hero or some kind of racing something. The only game I really have is wii fit, and we all know how well I have done with that !(not at all.lol) Or other than that he’s hogging up the t.v. with football *yawn* or the xbox 360. I only get the chance to play in the late evenings or during the day when I am caught up on things!

I thought a brain puzzle “smart” type of game like Wii thinkSMART Family was something we both could have fun with, and maybe one day when he has a chance I can find out. I was trying to hold out and write this until he(or at least someone else) played the game with me, but with everything that is going on around here, that just isn’t going to happen anytime soon!

Anyways, I played around with Wii thinkSMART Family a bit by myself, and I enjoyed it! I do like that you don’t *have* to play it with others, but it can be played in a group up to 16 people! Another thing that appealed to me is it is a “smart” kind of game. It isn’t like your typical “fun” game. You know a lot of people like to talk a big talk about games being bad for you and all that kind of thing. With a game like this you can set them straight! Actually, a better way to say it would be that it is a “smart fun” game. There are a few of the levels you can’t play by yourself, but for the most part if your a loner, your good to go!

There are several categories of games that you can choose from, which is nice, because it helps to stimulate different parts of your brain, and it keeps things from being boring! The categories range from language to math and even 3 dimensional! Variety, it is the spice of life.

You get to customize an avatar, and then you enter into the Think Institute. You can get a daily routine which includes 3 different think games, and also a physical activity!

The Wii thinkSMART Family game comes with a very detailed guide that is 22 pages long, which describes everything you need to know in detail.

I suggest that if you are looking for a fun, brain stimulating game that you check Wii thinkSMART family out. I know I am looking forward to getting to play it more and maybe even with someone!

I was provided these items in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to give a positive review. All Opinions & Ideas stated are honest and my own.