happy halloween

ugh. I have a cold. AGAIN lol. i mean already two colds this fall? doesnt look well does it? usually I dont get sick like this but I guess since having the cervical cancer my immune system doesnt work as good as it used to :( david is bringing his bro home..which you know IRKS ME THE HELL OFF> and I only had like a20 minute warning. oh joys. so if your keeping track, sick and soon to be aggravated ...YAY i was planning to have a special evening with my husband and everything but well everytime i have that planned something happens... :( well i willdefinanly update in a lil bit. i'm gonna try to take some more zicam because its the only thing making me feel alive right now … [Read more...]


did i write here about getting a razr phone the other night? well I did lol. it is black, butI have a pink playboy bunny cover on it that makes it look...weird. it will be my picture of the day from monday for 365 when i get it up so you will see what I mean duke had a photograph shoot today lol. with his new frisbee university hoodie and big brush bone. hes just tooo precious. still trying to find out why when i was looking though my pics in longhorn while ago there was some kind of error and I lost a picture? i hate when that crap happens...and well i wouldnt have out and right deleted it but things happen.(ie david did it.. i could have brought it home and checked it out first but NO) i just wonder what pic it was. guess of duke anyways enough of the pointless posts huh. hee hee. out .gonna get some comfuy clothes on get into bed watch family guy and go to sleep. I have freakin emerging tech @ 8 a/m tommorow. dont get me started … [Read more...]


yo yo yo so does noone other than michelle have twitter ?? lol or am I just that unpopular. eeee? I can't go to my moms tommorow because it will be too cold for duke to  be outside early in the morning. so i think my mom is comming over here. oh brother. I havent scrubbed my house from top to bottomn yet this week! i'm waiting for david to get back from mcdonalds and bring me my big mac w/o cheese combo. and watching house.when i get through with all that i'll make a mad dash through the house..ie sweep my steps and clean up my bathroom a little bit...eh i still gotta get started making the family dvd. and i'm making a wedding dvd. oh me ciao xo ng … [Read more...]

headache? no!

i can SO feel a headache comming. luckily i'll only be here at school about 20 more min and I can go home and take something for it. I have tylenol with me but I prefer to take advil. plus I'd have to go buy a drink out of the machine  maybe i should take the advil migraine..i have one of those with me and i'm starting to feel queezy ugh. this class is so stupid. thats all i'm gonna say. ha ha ok pointless post. i thought i'd have more to say. .. perhaps latter when  i dont feel like i'm gonna hurl over the keyboard?? … [Read more...]

monday monday

my transcription teacher who I have had for about 8 other classes and have dearly loved and enjoyed having is seriously beginning to get on my last nerves. for example. things in her class 99.99 % of the time are due at the same time on the same day of the week...for example homework due wed. by midnight. well this semester shes got stuff due randomly all over the place. tests are supposed to be due monday by 9p.m well I wake up at 10:15 this morning todiscover my test was due at 10a.m! i guess i'm gonna have to do some better keeping up with these things. so now my day is totally out of whack. then again this is me we are talking about ... right now i'm trying t o get things ready to make my french beef stew for dinner and clean upthe house a little bit. nothing too exciting. and if you have flickr or twitter please add me xxpollypocket on both of those. ok i'm out more latter :) xxo ng … [Read more...]

shadows girlfriend

shadows girlfriend, a cat i've named halloween...ha ha well she hasnt been around in a few months. last time I saw her she was pregnant. she came over last night and shadow was twitterpaited lol. it was cute. she had one kitten with her .. looks just like her. anyways pregnancy must have been the theme of my day yesterday. because shelly & I were talking about pregnancy. then when we get to school I have two people asking me if i was preg? excuse me but damn am I gaining that much weight>?? i mean seriously? anyways I was gonna do my transcription and do some internet stuff but this dog peed all over shadows room and now I have to clean that. so more lates ng … [Read more...]