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Howdy HowdY!! exquisite is doing good to have only been open since friday we have 224 topics / 1451 posts / 22 members I am hoping we get some more members soon ha ha if you haven't joined yet go forth and join! http://exquisite.imaginarysunshine.com very good group of ladies and one guy over there :) i'm pollypocket of course. and you don't have to be a post whore to join. but we do have that new board smell. so its easy to rack up the posts. anyways thurdsay was a quick whirlwind for me... got up at 4 made it to my grandmas by 9. the alarm went off twice while we were gone!! (we now think its the recliner moving and setting it off) we left there around 2 and got here around 7. i got quite pissed off at one of my uncles for talking shit about netbooks. he thinks hes so the shit when it comes to computeres but its actually like he doesnt know shit lol. david went to bed really soon after we got back. we were so wore out!!we had got in a bad hail storm on the way back too friday we … [Read more...]

I have TRIED & TRIED to get a video update... first off i always have to make a few because i have to get them right, but this time the format was messed up, youtube and flock didnt want to get along..and now i got one up on youtube but it only wants to show the first 1min 15 secs. so i give up. plus the webcam video quality isn't that great...oy i give up. when i can get my fujifilm charged up i'll make a proper video update. I am leaving early in the morning to go to my grandparents in virginia and I will be back tomorrow night. i had fully intended to get around and comment everyone b4 i left but now i'm pretty sure i won't make it. don't fret i'll get by on friday or saturday :) Anyways, i've been working on a part of the secret project yesterday and today gonna try to get a little bit of it done here in a few. got to get in the bed early...got to get up early.. you get the picture. i'll prob catch ya sometime tomorrow evening. i might be online in the car with the netbook. so … [Read more...]


software whore

I haven't really got to work on the secret project any! its not a nichole is able to work on it stage lol. but perhaps sometime early this week soooo excited!! everything worked out as far as thanksgiving finally!! david and I are going to either go up sometime wed, or we are going to leave early thursday morning. that way everyone gets to be where they want to be when they want to be and all that. thankfully I got bad news yesterday however that davids mom left his dad. there was NO way that we saw this coming ,so everything is kinda a mess right now on that front yesterday morning i got a TON of software for a dollar a piece at a yardsale. its all xp compatiable and had never been opened. its video editing/dvd making photo stuff...too much ..lol i don't even know yet. i am gonna make a list though and take pics. it made my day. i also got my windows 7 upgrade lol. my uncle is gonna try to either split my harddrive on the netbook to xp or i am going to run xp exclusively... as … [Read more...]


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david had bought me a snuggie a while back but since i'm so short it just didnt work out. today when i went to the foot dr. with my mom we went in dollar general and they had a kid snuggie!! heres a picture of me on dailybooth in the snuggie.(webcam pic sucks because i'm kinda ROUGH looking today lol) heres a picture of the box on flickr i want to say to everyone..yes i am trying to make some money with linkbucks, and i'd really appreciate the support. everytime you click on one of the links it gets me money. and you can just skip out of the ad if you want if you want to join linkbucks, please let me know and then you can use my refer code. i didn't leave anyone for all the paid blogs and tweets and such. and if you do sign up i will support you as well!! the secret project has entered phase 2. the only hint i'll give is...well its exquisite its such fun to have a secret hee hee i had to tell ONE person outside of michelle and nicole because I had confused her lol ok peace. and … [Read more...]